Manager of Public Affairs-Montrose Group, LLC – Columbus, Ohio

Feb 11, 2019 | Jobs

The Company.  The Montrose Group, LLC provides economic development planning, corporate site location, and lobbying services and is seeking a Manager of Public Affairs to serve clients with corporate site location, economic development planning, lobbying and project finance matters. The Montrose Group, LLC is celebrating its 10th year of operation in Columbus, Ohio. David J. Robinson is the Principal and Founder of Montrose, and along with Nate Green, Director of Economic Development, and Michelle Bretscher, Director of Client Communications, the firm serves public and private sector clients in Ohio and across the nation.

Job Duties. The Montrose Group, LLC is seeking a Manager of Public Affairs to provide three job duties:

  • Lobbying- developing public policy initiatives, monitoring legislation, drafting policy briefs, testimony and legislation, coordinating and participating in meetings with clients and policy makers and potentially testifying before state government legislative and agency hearings.
  • Economic Development– researching public policy and economic development matters of interest to clients for economic development planning, corporate site location and project finance matters.
  • Marketing– maintaining client and stakeholder contact lists, drafting educational newsletter articles, coordinating the development of email newsletters, and coordinating client and prospect appointments.

Skills & Competencies. The Montrose Group, LLC is seeking a Manager of Public Affairs with specific skills and competencies.  Skills are activities the candidate can perform based on what they have learned in the past, or from qualifications they have obtained. Competencies are the traits or attributes you expect the candidate to display in the role. Like the firm, the Montrose Group, LLC is seeking a Manager of Public Affairs that understands the intersection of economic development and lobbying and has the ability to grow into a senior level executive leader.

Montrose Group, LLC Manager of Public Affairs Required Skills & Competencies


Basic understanding of economic development People oriented
Basic understanding of government relations Solid team player
Understanding of digital marketing platforms such as constant contact and social media

Hard work ethic


Montrose Organizational Structure & Salary

The Montrose Group, LLC Manager of Public Affairs will report to Dave Robinson, Nate Green and Michelle Bretscher but Dave Robinson will coordinate assignments for the firm. The salary for the Montrose Group, LLC Manager of Public Affairs will be commensurate with the skills, competencies and experience of the job candidate.

Resumes should be sent electronically to David J. Robinson at Any questions, please contact David J. Robinson at or by phone at 614-738-2109.




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