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Mar 26, 2020COVID 19 Newsboard

The State of Ohio’s COVID-19 resource center is a one-stop location for information on the COVID-19 outbreak in Ohio including the number of cases, hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths.


Economic Damage Assessment Survey
Ohio Development Services Agency has made a survey available to help determine damage related to economic impacts in Ohio.  The survey is not an application.  However, federal, state or local agencies may reach out to those who indicate their interest by completing the survey AND providing contact information. Please note, survey responses are public record and must be made available to the public and media upon request. However, information provided in the “Economic Damage” section of the survey is considered confidential business information and will not be subject to a public record request.

Small Business Considerations During Covid-19 Outbreak
Ohio Development Services Agency has compiled a list of helpful action steps, tips and resources for small business trying to manage through the COVID-19 Outbreak. The document is available as a printable PDF and it may be helpful to share copies of the resource sheet with your small businesses.



JobsOhio has added a resource section, including helpful links for Ohio’s business community, on its website. Jobs Ohio has also undertaken the following actions and efforts:

Loan Portfolio Interest and Payment Holiday

  • For businesses with a current JobsOhio’s existing loan only
  • Payment deferment (no interest and no principal payments) for the next six months.
  • Fifty companies are eligible, with over 9,500 employees around Ohio.

Workforce Retention Loan (A program for existing JobsOhio client businesses only)

  • Forgivable, six-month interest-free loan to companies who would use the loan to retain their workforce
  • Targeted to medium size private companies with least $50,000/month in hourly payroll workers.
  • After 6-months, if employees are still working, the loan is forgiven.

JobsOhio will invest up to a $100 Million, impacting and supporting thousands of workers across Ohio.

Program & Policy Adjustments

  • For existing JobsOhio client businesses only
  • Expands allowable expenses and near-term relaxed compliance audit.
  • Allow for expenses such as work from home technology and equipment and services to implement guidance associated with COVID-19.

Statewide Liquor Buy Back

  • Executing an alcohol buy-back initiative allowing bars, restaurants, and F2 permit holders (non-profits) to return surplus product purchased in the last 30 days for a full refund upon return of their supply.
  • Nearly 800 buyback requests have been made to-date.


The Ohio Manufacturing Alliance to Fight COVID-19  was created to help ensure that health care workers have the protective equipment they need.  The Alliance is working with manufacturers by help them learn what types of equipment are most needed and how to adapt current products, operations and personnel to shift to manufacturing PPE if possible.


SharedWork Ohio
SharedWork Ohio allows workers to remain employed and employers to retain their staff during times of reduced business activity. Under a SharedWork Ohio plan, employers reduce hours to avert a layoff. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services provides an unemployment insurance benefit proportionate to their reduced hours.

  • Rapid Response Team (WARN)
    The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services offers a Rapid Response Team for employers. This service assists employers with transitions such as layoffs and includes assistance with the WARN Act (a federal requirement which provides protection to workers, their families, and communities by requiring employers to provide written notice at least 60 calendar days in advance of mass layoffs and plant closings), resources to make it easier for employees to file for unemployment benefits and employment services to help displaced workers find employment as quickly as possible.
  • For a summary of relief measures offered by the state to employers, click HERE.