New look. New energy. New ways to get involved.


The Ohio Economic Development Association is more than just a new website.  There’s a new energy at OEDA, reflecting those we serve.  As the professional association for economic developers, our new brand reflects our members– dynamic, on-the-move, decisive, knowledgeable, informed, engaging.  The Ohio Economic Development Association is committed to helping our members expand their knowledge, expand their network and expand their influence.  So, come join us as we work to expand your opportunities.



The Ohio Economic Development Association is committed to providing Ohio’s economic development community with resources to help practitioners best serve their business community during the COVID-19 outbreak. We believe one of the most helpful roles OEDA can play is curator; sifting through and summarizing the vast amount of information so you can focus on what you need as professionals.


New look. New energy. New ways to get involved.








Expand Your Knowledge


Prepared professionals win.  OEDA provides professional development and continuing education for practitioners at every level through high-value conferences, courses, and trainings.  To help you stay current, we seek out important information from around the state to be your information safety net.  Our flagship program, the Ohio Economic Development Institute offers high-level, state-specific courses that are the pathway to earning the Ohio Certified Economic Development credential.


Expand Your Network


We know economic developers also learn from each other.  OEDA enables members to connect with peers from around the state– gaining knowledge, building relationships, and identifying resources.  Structured learning is important but our members value the opportunities OEDA provides to interact with fellow practitioners as well as consultants and related industry representatives.


Expand Your Influence


OEDA prides itself on being a preferred source of state economic development information for our members as well as legislators and policy makers. OEDA members receive a monthly legislative update on legislation being monitored by the advocacy team as well as timely breaking news on key bills. With members representing every county in Ohio, OEDA is a unique position to connect legislators with economic development professionals from their districts.


Stay Up to Date


OEDA is your partner for success at every step of your career.  Our foundational programs and services are designed to support you in your current position as well as preparing you for future career growth.  Whether it is through our jobs board, opportunities to connect, or your expansion of knowledge, OEDA opens doors and expands opportunities.



OEDA Launches COVID-19 Resource Center

OEDA has launched a COVID-19 Resource Center on its website. The Resource Center provides Ohio’s economic development community with resources to help practitioners best serve their business community during the COVID-19 outbreak.  OEDA will do all that we can to provide factual information and helpful resources you need as leaders in those efforts. 

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JobsOhio Actions Support Businesses During COVID-19 Crisis

JobsOhio has taken several actions to support Ohio businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.  JobsOhio has modified current programs and created temporary programs to provide flexibility and support cash needs of medium and small businesses.   These actions support a strategy to address immediate needs while looking toward the near future. 

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Tracked House Bills – February 2020

Federal News:  To address the COVID-19 pandemic, on March 6, Congress passed and President Trump signed into law an $8 billion emergency funding measure for government entities such as the Department of Health and Human Services, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institute of Health, the Indian Health Service, and the Food and Drug Administration. This measure is intended to develop and purchase vaccines, medical supplies and products, as well as provide state and local governments with preparedness grants, training and other forms of assistance.  On March 13, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced an agreement on a second bill entitled the “Families First Coronavirus Response Act” (HR 6021).  This legislation would provide free testing, paid emergency leave to qualified employees, increased Medicaid funding and expanded unemployment insurance, nutritional assistance and small business loans.

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Tracked Senate Bills – February 2020

State News:  Ohio Governor Mike DeWine continues to lead the nation in proactive steps taken by state governors to fight the community spread of COVID-19.  As of March 18, he announced that in addition to previous orders banning mass gatherings, postponing the state’s primary election, closing private businesses including gyms, fitness facilities, movie theaters, bowling alleys and restaurants (excepting takeout and delivery services), the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicle offices, barbershops, spas and hair/nail salons will now be closed.

There are also now 88 confirmed cases in 19 counties in the state of Ohio. Ages of those affected range from 2 years to 91 years with a median age of 45.5.  There are 33 females and 55 males, with 26 hospitalizations, 0 deaths and 10 cases in Central Ohio. The state’s medical experts are currently estimating the COVID peak may be around May 1, 2020.

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Tracked Senate Bills – February 2020

State News: 

Industry Sector Partnership Grants: On January 23, Lt. Governor Jon Husted announced the launch of the Industry Sector Partnership Grant program which was established by HB 2 and funded in the state operating budget (HB 166). The program is designed to drive collaboration among employers, training providers and community stakeholders to assist with workforce development.  Applications can be submitted through March 13 to:

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Stay Connected


The best and the brightest practitioners have invested in their careers and communities by becoming members of the Ohio Economic Development Association. But, other top industries and organizations have as well.  Support for OEDA is support for the economic development profession and reflects these organizations’ commitments to growing the Ohio economy.