Tracked Senate Bills – September 2021

Federal News:

$1T federal infrastructure bill remains mired for next 6 weeks in U.S. House: The Senate-approved federal infrastructure bill has been in the House since August 10.  Having chosen to couple that measure with the larger so-called American Family Plan’s $3.5T economic policy bill, the House is facing intra-Democratic party divisions in the context of the latter, far larger piece of legislation. 

Tracked House Bills – August 2021

State News:

ODOD adopts Residential Broadband Expansion Program rules on an emergency basis:  On July 30, ODOD formally filed with the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR) the rules for HB 2’s broadband expansion program.  This filing occurred the same day as Governor DeWine issued his executive order authorizing their immediate adoption.  ODOD is charged with implementing the rules immediately, with their emergency status to expire within 120 days (when they are to be adopted via the traditional JCARR process).

On August 4, the newly formed Broadband Expansion Authority members met for first time.  With three named members, of five total, the Authority convened to approve scoring criteria they will use to approve grant applications.  The window for submitting application materials commences September 6 and will close November 8.

Tracked Senate Bills – August 2021

Federal News:

Breaking news: “Neither side got everything they wanted”: On August 10, the Senate approved the $1T physical infrastructure improvement plan, with the 69-30 vote demonstrating a rare bipartisan comity among senators.  The “ayes” included Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. – Kentucky) and 18 other Republicans.   The 2,700-page legislation now proceeds to the House, with the following plan elements: