Executive Director – Ohio Statewide Development Corporation

Company Overview:  Non-profit organization working in small business commercial real estate and equipment lending. Lending done in partnership with private lenders, utilizing the public sector financing programs—
specifically the U.S. Small Business Administration 504 Loan Program and the Ohio 166 Regional Loan Program.

Position Overview:  Oversees non-profit Certified Development Company with a $100+ million portfolio and professional staff of 8

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Director of Planning City of Barberton

The Planning & Development Director for Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) is to serve at the pleasure of the Barberton Planning Commission. The Director will lead in carrying out the vision of the City and help steward appropriate development, by working to implement the Barberton Comprehensive Plan, the Active Transportation Plan & Complete Streets Policy, Historic Design Guidelines, the Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Consolidated Plan and distribution of Community Development Block Grant funds (CDBG).

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A Stronger Workforce through Understanding Mental Health and Addiction

About three months ago, we launched our Recovery Within Reach campaign, a first-of-its-kind effort to educate Ohioans about the financial effects of opioid addiction — and to connect them with treatment options close to their homes.

Our goal is to create a new way of talking about addiction, one in which people consider the facts and practical realities of how substance use disorder affects their lives. Not long ago, Gov. Mike DeWine challenged all of us in state government to think of ways we could help Ohioans navigate the opioid crisis that has affected our state for so long. For us, that meant considering the financial effects of addiction — and providing tools and trainings to help Ohioans and financial advisers talk about addiction and access care.

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Newark Development Partners continues to make strides in Downtown Newark

Newark Development Partners (NDP), the community improvement corporation for the City of Newark, continues to further development in the Downtown through various projects. The sale of the Hudson Avenue Church with surrounding property, the renewal of the Downtown Special Improvement District and the commencement of construction at the Historic Arcade are all recent successes for the City of Newark.

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Dan Evers Scholarship and Tribute:

The OEDA leadership is happy to share that over $7500 was raised at the Annual Summit for the Dan Evers scholarship program!  This program was created by OEDA to honor Dan’s legacy and provide OEDI professional development opportunities to OEDA members.  Look for information soon regarding how to apply for a scholarship in 2023. 

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Only One Month Away: Governor’s Cup Deadline November 22

The year is not even over yet, and 2022 has already proven to be a remarkable one for the state of Ohio. There is an influx of opportunities coming to Ohio that is shaping the future of not only the state but the entire nation.

From Intel’s announcement to onshore 3,000 jobs and create its most advanced semiconductor mega fab in Licking County to Honda’s commitment to building a new electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing facility in Fayette County, while also retooling its current facilities in Union, Logan, and Shelby counties for EV manufacturing, Ohio is meeting the needs of the world’s most influential companies. 

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Legislative Update August 2022 — General Assembly on recess

What just happened?  The latest episode of the Manchin Diaries, guest starring Krysten Sinema doesn’t disappoint.  On Tuesday, Aug. 16, President Biden signed into law this country’s largest-ever climate change action in response to the “the carbon dioxide problem,” as first described in 1969 by the Nixon Administration.

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Federal Updates

CHIPS Act’s subsidies for semi-conductor manufacturing steps into the batting circle, now with a bigger bat.  Is it the next batter-up in Congress?  With Sen. Manchin’s (D – West Va.) death blow dealt to the Biden Administration’s climate change legislation in the U.S. Senate, the blockade of the pending CHIPS Act imposed by the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R – Kentucky) appears to have been removed.  On Tuesday, July 19, the Senate held a test vote (64-34) to move forward with the semi-conductor manufacturing subsidy measure that had stalled previously in Congress, and now with a bigger impact.

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Ohio General Assembly Updates

HB 377 LOCAL FISCAL RECOVERY (Hall, T., Swearingen, D.) Introduced on July 15, 2021, this bill seeks to amend just-enacted HB 168 to appropriate the entirety of the U.S. Treasury’s allocation of Local Fiscal Recovery Funds ($844MM) to nonentitlement units of local government (NEUs), to be distributed by Ohio OBM.

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Tracked House Bills – June 2022

Federal News:

Thoughts on the ban of Russian oil’s impact on global energy supply and demand: The European Union’s pending embargo on Russian oil imports (save for pipeline-supplied oil to Hungary and other counties) may re-order the entire globe’s long-held status quo in the supply of energy. 

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Tracked Senate Bills – June 2022

State News:

State’s Appalachian region to receive $500MM in funding for transformational projects:  Inserted into HB 377’s appropriations of the 2nd tranche of ARPA funding from the U.S. Treasury to nonentitlement units of local government (i.e., smaller municipalities, villages, and townships), the General Assembly appropriated an additional $500MM of the State’s ARPA funds to bolster “transformational projects” with “region-wide impact” in Ohio’s 32 Appalachian counties.

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