Development Project Coordinator – City of Springfield, Ohio

Under the general direction of the Assistant City Manager, this position is responsible for the planning and implementation of economic development projects, plans, and programs for the City Manager’s Office; performs related duties as required.  Responsible for administering the community reinvestment and enterprise zone programs, small business programs, business connector program, and annexations.

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TSEP launches community website initiative

Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership, in partnership with the City of Tiffin and Seneca County Commissioners and Sheriff’s offices, have announced the release of a Request for Proposals for a new, updated web presence for each organization. The entities have begun to engage specific firms, but the RFP is open to all web developers interested in submitting a proposal.

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The JobsOhio Inclusion Grant Supports Distressed Communities and Underserved Populations

JobsOhio is prioritizing efforts to empower Ohio businesses with the resources they need to reach their potential. Since the start of 2020, we have worked on an inclusion strategy focused on investing in and driving job creation in distressed areas across Ohio – defined as those that have not recovered from the 2008 recession. JobsOhio also provides the capital needed to grow businesses in these communities and those owned by underserved populations.

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Economic impact study illustrates Uptown Cincinnati’s significant impact on local economy

A study on the economic impact of the area of Uptown Cincinnati was recently published by the University of Cincinnati Economics Center. The report summarizes the economic and financial impact of almost all of Uptown’s anchor institutions — Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, TriHealth, University of Cincinnati and UC Health — and the roughly 1,092 auxiliary businesses operating in Uptown’s five core neighborhoods: Avondale, Clifton, Corryville, CUF (Clifton Heights, University Heights, and Fairview), and Mt. Auburn.

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You just caught that purple unicorn – now what? Ohio’s operating budget appropriates $500 million in grant funds for brownfield remediation and (commercial) building demolition

For many observers tracking the state budget bill, the General Assembly’s change in the name of the state’s development agency – reverting back to the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) – was breathtaking in and of itself. However, two new funding lines inserted into the measure (H.B. 110), representing $500 million in total grant funds available during state fiscal year (SFY) 2022, have lassoed the purple unicorn. That is, an answer now exists to the question, “how will Ohio fund clean-up and demolition of legacy commercial and industrial sites?” 

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Grant Programs Available to Help Ohio Businesses

Millions of dollars remain available in four new grant programs that target businesses that have suffered significant losses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ohio Department of Development is administering the grants. To apply, businesses can visit the For Businesses section at InvestingInOhiosFuture.Ohio.Gov. The site includes documents for each grant program’s terms and conditions, fact sheet, and frequently asked questions.

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Ohio Launches Substantial Broadband Program to Serve Rural Markets

Even before the Work from Home movement was launched by COVID 19, the availability of broadband telecommunications network was an essential economic development tool. Access to digital services is reliant on a high-speed data services infrastructure. As the map below illustrates, rural communities throughout Ohio remain behind in the availability of broadband services.

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Tracked Senate Bills – July 2021

Federal News:

Federal infrastructure plan signed on by 5 Republican & 5 Democratic Senators: When formal negotiations ended in June between the Biden Administration and the Senate Republican caucus on new federal infrastructure spending, an effort to get traction materialized among a small group of senators led by Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D – Arizona) and Sen. Rob Portman (R – Ohio).

On June 24, a bipartisan group of 10 senators (5 Rep., 5 Dem.) announced with the President the arrival at an agreed-upon $1.2T plan, including $579B in new spending on roads and bridges, as well as $65B for broadband expansion. This package includes authorizing the issuance of direct-pay municipal bonds for infrastructure investment, and the Republican caucus’ favored expansion of public private partnerships.

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New State Budget Enacts Significant Changes to Economic Development Policies, Programs, and Tools

In the late evening of Wednesday, June 30, Governor DeWine signed the budget bill into law. The final enacted version had elements of particular interest to economic developers.

Below you can find a synopsis of these changes from Bricker & Eckler. Please note OEDA will be hosting a complimentary webinar in partnership with Bricker & Eckler on the new budget and its impacts on economic development later this month.

The date will be finalized soon and a save the date notice sent out shortly. Be sure to check your e-mail and the website in the next few days so you don’t miss this important webinar.

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Tracked House Bills – June 2021

State News:

Senate leader on how to use State’s $5.4B ARPA Allocation: Broadband & Brownfields: Not counting any American Rescue Plan Act funds to local governments, Ohio is expected to receive approximately $5.4B in federal COVID-19 relief stimulus funds. At the time of this writing, Ohio has received half ($2.7B) from the U.S. Treasury in the first tranche of funding; the funds must be committed by September 30. We expect these funds to be appropriated by the Ohio General Assembly in a stand-alone bill, outside the scope of the pending state operating budget (HB 110).

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Tracked Senate Bills – June 2021

Federal News:

(Formal) bipartisan talks ended as of June 8 for federal infrastructure bill:  President Biden cut off negotiations with lead Republican negotiator, Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, via phone call on Tuesday, June 8.  He made clear the gulf between the Senate Republicans and the Administration was too wide; the last counter-offer from Sen. Moore Capito was to add $50B to her last infrastructure spend amount. 

The move to inject significant federal spending to the county’s network of roads, bridges, water pipes and other physical infrastructure now will proceed either (1) under the Senate’s budget reconciliation process to avoid the filibuster or (2) via a group of centrist senators who have been working separately on their own infrastructure plan.  President Biden called the latter group individually and urged them to find a solution.

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Tracked House Bills – May 2021

State News:

State Controlling Board creates new fund accounts to accept federal stimulus:  On April 19, the Controlling Board approved Ohio OBM’s request for three new funds to accept the American Rescue Plan Act’s state and local government stimulus payments:

• State Fiscal Recovery Fund (5CV3) – To accept funds allocated to the state of Ohio from the State Fiscal Recovery Fund from the American Rescue Plan Act. Ohio is estimated to receive approximately $5.5B from the U.S. Treasury to be used for costs incurred through December 31, 2024.  Payments are to be made to the State from the U.S. Treasury within 60 days of certification of need by Governor DeWine.
• Local Fiscal Recovery Fund (5CV4) – To accept funds allocated through the State of Ohio from the American Rescue Plan Act to non-entitlement units of local government. Ohio local governments are estimated to receive $815MM in funds to be distributed within 30 days of receiving the funds to the local governments.  Counties and metro cities will receive Local Fiscal Recovery Fund allocations directly from U.S. Treasury and will not pass through the Ohio OBM.
• Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund (5CV5) – To accept funds allocated to the State of Ohio from the Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund from the American Rescue Plan Act. Ohio is estimated to receive $274MM to carry out critical capital projects directly enabling work, education, and health monitoring, including remote options, in response to the public health emergency. The U.S. Treasury is required to establish the application process for the funds no later than 60 days after the legislation’s enactment.

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Montrose Group’s Ohio’s Transformational Mixed Use District Program Webinar

Please join Montrose Group for a free webinar to learn about Ohio’s new Transformational Mixed-Use Development (TMUD) program that can spur growth in urban and rural markets. Recently, the Ohio General Assembly passed and Governor DeWine signed into law Senate Bill 39 to create the Ohio’s TMUD program providing $100M in tax credits for large-scale mixed-use projects.

Rural Corporate Site Location Summit on December 9, 2020

Montrose Group’s 2020 Virtual Rural Corporate Site Location Summit on Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 2:00PM-5:00PM will explore how private companies can create high-wage jobs and make capital investments in rural markets through the development of Public-Private-Partnerships. Montrose Group is a national consulting company providing corporate site location, economic development planning, lobbying and site development services such as land use entitlements, infrastructure finance and tax incentive services.