Economic Development Coordinator – City of Delaware

You can do great work and love what you do with the City of Delaware. We are an organization that succeeds because of teamwork, dedication, diversity, and the innovative spirit of all our employees. The City of Delaware is an award-winning local government organization known for its professionalism, customer service orientation and a strong commitment to distinctive and well-planned community development.

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Workforce Development Coordinator – Firelands Forward

This dynamic full-time position supports Firelands Forward, a business-driven workforce development initiative managed by the Erie County Economic Development Corporation. Firelands Forward is strategically aligned with the Greater Sandusky Partnership, a private sector organization committed to growing the population of Erie County and the surrounding region.

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RFP: Strategic Wireless Infrastructure Management and Deployment

Eastgate is issuing this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) for strategic broadband network engineering and deployment to improve broadband access for education, job creation, healthcare, and more in the Target Townships of Mahoning County (collectively the “ConnectMahoning Project”). It is Eastgate’s intent through this RFP for a third-party provider to expand Broadband Infrastructure, as hereinafter defined, to benefit the Target Townships’ residents, businesses, community institutions, government, and overall economic development, and catalyze local innovation.

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Welcome Home Ohio: County Land Banks Setting the Table for Affordable Housing Development

Buried deep in its 6,198 pages, Ohio’s recently enacted operating budget (Am. Sub. House Bill 33) authorizes the creation of a dual-track grant/tax credit program for near-exclusive use by land banks (both municipal and county types) for affordable housing development. We have previously shared that land banks – particularly county land bank-types – should consider taking their well-deserved seat at the economic development table.

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Ohio’s Constitution and the Divisions Within the House Republican Caucus

Republican legislators circulated a discharge petition, a procedural mechanism that brings legislation or a resolution straight to the chamber floor and bypasses the traditional committee structure, to force a House floor vote on House Joint Resolution 1. Fifty legislators must sign a discharge petition to move something from committee to the floor.

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Higher Ed Controversy Brewing

In the Senate, S.B. 83 (Cirino) would overhaul Ohio’s higher education system. The legislation requires Ohio’s universities and colleges to guarantee intellectual diversity in the classroom and among faculty; free speech protections; no required diversity equity or inclusion courses or training for students; and full syllabus transparency.

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