New JobsOhio Landing Pages Look to Attract More Global Investment

Advisors say it all the time about financial investments: you have to diversify to reach long-term goals and optimize risk. Economic development is no different. In order for a state to stay competitive, it needs to have a diversified economy. With nine key industries, ranging from advanced manufacturing to financial services to technology, Ohio stands out as an attractive location for international executives establishing new operations in the United States. Currently, over 3,700 international establishments from 49 countries have investments in the state. In this way, Ohio has truly become the “global heartland.” Internationally, JobsOhio and its partners have successfully completed more than 330 projects since 2013. With these successes, JobsOhio has earned its reputation as a “bridge to the American market” for diverse companies from around the world. As a result, jobs from foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ohio have grown by 21 percent in the last five years.

Healthy Debate: Why We Should Welcome Dissenting Opinions

Throughout our careers, we’ve sat in on many meetings – board meetings, committee meetings, meetings about meetings. Some of our favorite meetings are listening sessions. As the name implies, these meetings are designed to be a place in which participants can openly share ideas and have their opinions heard; however, they aren’t always as open as they should be.

Dayton-Area Leaders Tout 2018 as ‘Unbelievable’ Year for Local Economy

Thousands of new jobs and millions of dollars in capital investment have positioned the Dayton region for another successful year in 2018.

As the new year approaches, the Dayton Development Coalition and Montgomery County are starting to provide data that paints
a clear picture of how the economy faired over the past year. By most economic indicators, the trend is positive when compared
to 2017.