Tracked House Bills – June 2018

State Legal and Legislative Activity:

House Elects New Speaker: After being unable to conduct business for almost two months due to the April resignation of former Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, the Ohio House of Representatives elected Representative Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell) as Speaker June 6 after a lengthy Session. House members nominated four candidates for Speaker of the House from the floor: Representative Smith; Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta); Representative Jim Hughes (R-Columbus); and Minority Leader Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton).

Tracked Senate Bills – June 2018

SB 309 TAX CREDITS (Peterson, B., Kunze, S.) Introduced June 7, 2018, this bill would lengthen the maximum term of the job creation tax credit for businesses making substantial fixed asset and employment investments (and meeting the definition of “megaprojects” as set forth in the bill) and for their suppliers, to authorize commercial activity tax exclusions for receipts of those suppliers from sales to such businesses, and to authorize local governments to grant longer term property tax exemptions for such businesses or suppliers. On June 19, it was referred to the Ways and Means Committee.

What You Can Learn from How NASA and SpaceX Market Rockets

Back in February, I saw the SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch from Kennedy Space Center near Cape Canaveral, Florida. I was four miles away from the launchpad, and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced. That’s not pertinent to this story, but I like to brag about it.

Pipeline H2O Fostering the Next Wave of Water Technology

Water is one of the most vital substances on Earth. It’s a fundamental part of our everyday lives, powering some of our most basic human needs, like hydrating, bathing and cooking. But water is not automatically usable in all forms—throughout history we have made adaptations, such as treating water to rid it of contaminants for our consumption or harnessing its power for electricity. Water remains one of the most crucial components of our everyday lives, which is why Pipeline H2O in Hamilton, Ohio, is fostering the next generation of water technologies.