Celebrating, Honoring and Supporting Uptown’s Unique Black-Owned Businesses

Mar 28, 2022News, Newsletter

By Brooke Rapp, Director of Community Development

Last month, during Black History Month, a month dedicated to learning more about Black history, Uptown Consortium, Inc. (UCI) kicked off a new video series to celebrate Black culture and shine a spotlight on the unique Black-owned businesses in Uptown. There are all kinds of ways to celebrate, but one of the most meaningful ways is to put your dollars where it counts and support Black-owned businesses all year long. 

Uptown Consortium, Inc. (UCI) has partnered with Kailah Ware, creator, and owner of SunnyBlu Art Studio, an MBE/WBE business, to create a video to highlight black-owned businesses that call Uptown home. Kailah spent a day with Black business owners and entrepreneurs in the five neighborhoods of Uptown: Avondale, Clifton, Corryville, CUF (Clifton Heights, University Heights, and Fairview), and Mt. Auburn to document their stories. 

“Through this video, we are celebrating the achievements of African Americans and recognizing the central role they, as individuals and businesses, are contributing to Uptown’s economy,” said Brooke Rapp, Director of Community Development, UCI. “We hope the video inspires everyone to learn more about the diverse collection of businesses in Uptown and consider supporting them all year long.” 

From healthier versions of comfort food classics, delicious cupcakes and quality childcare for young learners to a healing arts, chiropractic and nutrition business, an African heritage shop and a business that offers candles, juices, plants and more, the video showcases how Uptown is full of unique Black-owned businesses to explore. Here’s a fun spoiler alert: the video also offers a sneak peek of Cincinnati’s first cereal bar that is coming soon. 

You can learn more about the businesses featured in the video by clicking the links below. 

·         Corban Early Learning Center
·         Hop Scotch Craft Beer & Whiskey
·         Stags Barber Shop Beauty Salon & Day Spa
·         Saturday Morning Vibes Cereal Bar
·         Cincinnati Healing Arts Chiropractic & Nutrition
·         Kilimanjaro African Heritage
·         Conscious Kitchen
·         The Sweet Place
·         District 78/Pause 

This is only a sample of the many amazing Black-owned businesses in Uptown and the greater Cincinnati region. For additional lists, check out the following resources: 

·         African American Chamber of Commerce
·         City of Cincinnati Black Business Directory
·         The Voice of Black Cincinnati  

Finally, check back to UCI’s YouTube Channel for the latest Black-owned business video profiles, released each month. 

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