Dynamic Uptown Cincinnati: A Look at the Area’s Desirable Housing Market

May 18, 2022 | News, Newsletter

Brooke Rapp
Uptown Consortium, Inc.



Uptown Cincinnati is a collection of five neighborhoods that boast a mix of educational, regulatory and healthcare institutions, with a population that cuts across all social categories. This unique combination of economic and cultural diversity creates a one-of-a-kind community that’s reflected in the area’s many independent shops and international restaurants.

Uptown Consortium, Inc. (UCI) reached out to local realtors who are experts in Uptown’s unique housing inventory to learn more about the unique offerings that attract buyers and renters. Their responses were so informative that UCI decided to host a virtual panel discussion featuring several of the realtors

“We appreciated the realtors’ insights regarding home values and the wider importance of invigorated neighborhoods like Uptown,” said Beth Robinson, President and CEO of UCI, who moderated the discussion. “The experts also talked about the economic and cultural diversity of the area and why Uptown is a good place and value to buy a home.”

Below is one of the questions and responses from the experts. To view all the responses, please visit UCI’s website.


Chris Holtman, RealLink and Airbnb Host
Personally, my partner and I are advocates of Uptown Cincinnati and love our neighborhood’s walkability, the mix of new and old homes, the many restaurants and bars, and beautiful parks around every corner. We invest in the Uptown area professionally, as well. As home renovators and owners of long and short-term rentals, we recognize that the opportunities the Uptown area provides are desirable to our current and future tenants. It’s our goal to make living or visiting Cincinnati as accessible as possible to everyone.


Sheila Holmes Howard, OwnerLand Realty
The Uptown area offers a wide range of housing stock for purchasing or renting a place to live. Affordability of home prices is found in these neighborhoods compared to the suburbs or outside of Cincinnati. With the area’s growth and opportunities that are happening here, I am happy to make this neighborhood my home.


Heather Herr, Coldwell Banker
Investing in rising neighborhoods strengthens our city. And the urban core is rapidly growing due to that investment. I believe this area is the next generation of our city and the future of our region. More of my clients have realized the great value of inclusive communities near the core of the city. And I believe that home values will continue to rise in these areas.


Bob Brocker, Huff Realty
When it comes to the housing market, feeling confident about your real estate investment is very important. Uptown is appealing to buyers and renters who desire to live in a walkable community that is so close to downtown yet feels like a friendly, comfortable community. There will be ongoing demand for nearby housing in all five of the Uptown neighborhoods to meet the needs of Uptown’s partners who continue to grow and focus on attracting and hiring the best talent.


Robert DiTomassi and Barbra Druffel, Comey & Shepherd,
Uptown remains valuable to buyers if you compare prices to similar sized city neighborhoods with access to terrific cultural institutions and a range of large and small businesses. Gaslight Clifton has done a great job preserving the historic feel of the neighborhood while engaging the new and being welcoming to all.

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