Four Requests for Proposals Now Available!

Jul 11, 2022 | Jobs

OMEGA invites any firms, individuals, or groups to review and respond to the following Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for consulting services within our 10-county region.  The RFPs support two important program areas within OMEGA: 1) RISE Ohio – an initiative primarily funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration, with support from JobsOhio, that largely focuses on Opportunity Zone planning; and 2) local planning and project development assistance, made possible by a U.S. EDA planning grant to the State of Ohio.

Please find below links to each of the four RFPs.  Respondents must submit proposals to each RFP individually.  Submissions to more than one RFP are welcomed and encouraged.

Local Planning and Project Development Assistance– the selected CONSULTANT will provide planning and implementation services throughout OMEGA’s 10-county footprint on a variety of topic areas as described in the RFP.

Downtown Steubenville South End District Opportunity Zone Planning– the selected CONSULTANT will provide market research and development recommendations in this unique historical area within the Steubenville Opportunity Zone.

Wellsville Opportunity Zone Planning– the selected CONSULTANT will provide market research and downtown redevelopment services along with recommendations pertaining to the Wellsville Community Foundation’s recently-acquired downtown property.

Zanesville Opportunity Zone Planning– the selected CONSULTANT will provide various analyses pertaining to Zanesville’s 2 urban core Opportunity Zones, including zoning, planning and streetscape improvement recommendations.

JobsOhio Releases Annual Report, 2021 Marked As Landmark Year

JobsOhio, the state’s private nonprofit economic development corporation, released its 2021 Annual Report and 2022 Strategic Plan, which showed 2021 to be a landmark year. In 2021, more than 29,000 new jobs were committed, and companies planned more than $6.9 billion in capital investment in Ohio.

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Hanna Greer-Brown, Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio

When Ohioans bring their recyclables to the curb or to a community drop-off location, they might not give much thought as to where materials like soda and water bottles go from there.

When we recycle, we aren’t only protecting the environment by diverting trash from the landfill; we are also supporting jobs, consumers and Ohio’s economy.

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Making Way for People: The Future Is Now

When the MLK Interchange opened in 2017, the vision for Uptown Cincinnati as a district that will incubate talent and attract businesses officially began. Fast forward five years and the four quadrants at MLK and Reading Road in The Cincinnati Innovation District® (CID), a mixed-use development supporting Uptown’s medical, research and innovation industries, is quickly coming to life as construction finishes on the highly anticipated University of Cincinnati Digital Futures building, the centerpiece of the Digital Futures Complex. Over the next decade, there are plans for an additional two million square feet of mixed-use development with 7,500+ people working, visiting, and living there each day.

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