Four Requests for Proposals Now Available!

Jul 11, 2022 | Jobs

OMEGA invites any firms, individuals, or groups to review and respond to the following Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for consulting services within our 10-county region.  The RFPs support two important program areas within OMEGA: 1) RISE Ohio – an initiative primarily funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration, with support from JobsOhio, that largely focuses on Opportunity Zone planning; and 2) local planning and project development assistance, made possible by a U.S. EDA planning grant to the State of Ohio.

Please find below links to each of the four RFPs.  Respondents must submit proposals to each RFP individually.  Submissions to more than one RFP are welcomed and encouraged.

Local Planning and Project Development Assistance– the selected CONSULTANT will provide planning and implementation services throughout OMEGA’s 10-county footprint on a variety of topic areas as described in the RFP.

Downtown Steubenville South End District Opportunity Zone Planning– the selected CONSULTANT will provide market research and development recommendations in this unique historical area within the Steubenville Opportunity Zone.

Wellsville Opportunity Zone Planning– the selected CONSULTANT will provide market research and downtown redevelopment services along with recommendations pertaining to the Wellsville Community Foundation’s recently-acquired downtown property.

Zanesville Opportunity Zone Planning– the selected CONSULTANT will provide various analyses pertaining to Zanesville’s 2 urban core Opportunity Zones, including zoning, planning and streetscape improvement recommendations.

Louis Dreyfus Company Announces Record Breaking Project in Wyandot County

Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods, announced plans for its state-of-the-art soybean processing facility to be located in Wyandot County, Ohio.  The project will bolster the region’s economic growth in the critical food and agriculture sector.  LDC’s facility will be located just outside of the City of Upper Sandusky; it’s first location in the State of Ohio.

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Mapping a Pathway to Successfully Access New All Ohio Future Fund Opportunities

The Ohio General Assembly, in its budget bill (HB33) approved July 3, 2023, authorized up to $750 million in state budget resources to the All Ohio Future Fund (R.C. 126.62). The fund is to be used for infrastructure to compete for — and win – more sizeable economic development projects such as the Amazon, Honda-LG, and Intel megaprojects that Ohio landed in recent years.

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Wilmington DRIVE Program Makes Strategic Acquisition

The Wilmington DRIVE (Downtown Revitalization Investment Vibrancy Effort) Program, adopted a year ago, with the goal of enhancing and accelerating Wilmington’s downtown revitalization and encouraging creative mix-use development, made its first strategic acquisition, closing on the Masonic Lodge Site (28 W. Main St.) on September 29, 2023.

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