Higher Ed Controversy Brewing

May 1, 2023 | Advocacy

Jeffry D. Harris
Bricker Graydon

In the Senate, S.B. 83 (Cirino) would overhaul Ohio’s higher education system. The legislation requires Ohio’s universities and colleges to guarantee intellectual diversity in the classroom and among faculty; free speech protections; no required diversity equity or inclusion courses or training for students; and full syllabus transparency. The legislation also requires students take three credit hours in American history; prohibits faculty strikes; requires state colleges and universities to seek out intellectually diverse invited speakers. State colleges and universities are required to adopt a policy affirming they will not endorse, comment on, or take action as an institution on “current public policy controversies or controversial beliefs or policies.” The bill sponsor already said that section will be amended so that climate change is no longer considered a controversial belief. Instead the bill will say there is a policy debate on how to tackle climate change, but not question the veracity of climate change.

We Can Only Go Up from Here

High Density Mixed Use Planned to Replace Blighted Neighborhood in Whitehall
Like in life, it’s not the hand your dealt that defines you in economic development. It’s about how you play your cards and capitalize on opportunities for your community.

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Yes in Our Back Yard

Ever since the Intel announcement, the region has had endless conversations about how to be “Intel Ready.” While Intel will undoubtedly be a gamechanger for Ohio, we’re behind the eight ball if we weren’t already preparing for population growth and increased pressure on our built infrastructure and logistics pipelines. 

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