Huron County Students Experience Engineering Careers

Feb 27, 2023 | News, Newsletter

Students who show high aptitude in engineering & construction visit Huron County businesses

By Kayla Strause

Norwalk, Ohio – The Huron County Business Advisory Council (BAC) hosted an “Engineering Day” for high school students who tested for an Architecture, Construction, or Engineering aptitude. These students visited area businesses, including the Huron County Engineer’s Office, BORGERS, Fabriweld, Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking and a presentation about the Engineering Tech program at EHOVE.

The Huron County BAC is a partnership consisting of education and business leaders that aims at providing students hands-on and skill-based learning opportunities to make them more competitive in the job market. It also allows businesses to highlight the skills they need in the workforce. The Huron County BAC is a part of North Point Educational Service Center’s regional BAC and was awarded a four-star distinction by the Ohio Department of Education in 2023.

Students kicked off the day at the Huron County Engineer’s Office, where they learned about the various paths engineers can take and an overview of roads, surveying, snowplows and more. They also enjoyed a demonstration of pouring concrete and participated in a hands-on experience of ‘vibrating’ the concrete.

Next, Borgers hosted students through a tour of the plant which included seeing their exciting technology and how their products are made. Students learned about the different engineering jobs and internship opportunities Borgers has.

At Fabriweld, students learned about the mission, culture, and products of the company.  Students were able to interact with a multitude of staff and company leaders to get a glimpse into the life of a Fabriweld employee. They did this through a tour of the plant, from the front office to the production floor, and a discussion with a diverse array of employees.

Mariska O’Neal and Ben Noser, of EHOVE’s Engineering Tech program, gave an engaging presentation about what the program entails. They spoke about their robotics team, classes, meeting new friends, and their goals for after high school.

Mark Schaffer Excavating & Trucking gave students insight into the different journeys their employees have had to reach their current goals by sharing their college and career paths. Students also saw behind the scenes of their trucking, excavating, and farming aspects of their business and the innovative technology they use on their projects!

About Norwalk Economic Development Corporation – Created in 2002 by a dedicated group of concerned private businesspeople and public officials, the Norwalk Economic Development Corporation’s mission is to identify and capitalize on opportunities to continuously improve the Norwalk area’s business base. To learn more about this local economic development organization, visit

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