Manager, Industry Programs at Team NEO

Jan 24, 2023 | Jobs

Organization: Team NEO

Job Title: Manager, Industry Programs



Team NEO is looking for an organized, innovative, and driven professional to work cross-functionally within the organization, as well as across regional innovation & cluster ecosystems, to coordinate initiatives & advance the Regional Industry Strategy’s key priorities. The manager will offer insights, connect relevant resources, and advance the collective efforts of the internal and external teams growing the diverse base of industries. This person will be comfortable analyzing information to identify trends and opportunities, as well as in asserting those as opportunities for the organization to put into action. The ideal candidate will see linkages that may not be obvious. This person will coordinate with marketing and research teams on initiatives that advance business development, supply chain resilience and cluster initiative KPIs that contribute to outcomes that improve regional economic vibrancy. Task management, detail orientation, analytical aptitude, natural curiosity, and innovative creativity will be key to your success.

Key Responsibilities

This role requires excellent relationship management and communications skills, the ability and desire to work cross-functionally on multiple projects simultaneously, and the capacity to thrive in a fast-paced environment that emphasizes pride in performance accountability.

For more information, please take a look at the full job posting here.


Interested candidates should send an electronic expression of interest and a resume to:

Laura Hudak

VP of Finance and Administration Team NEO

1111 Superior Avenue, Suite 1600 Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Resume submission deadline: February 4, 2023

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