Noble Business Park Wins Community Development Society Award

Aug 24, 2023 | News, Newsletter

Ohio State University Extension Noble County

The East of I-77 Business Park project has been recognized with an international award from the Community Development Society (CDS). Gwynn Stewart, MS, Community Development Educator IV with Ohio State University, nominated the project for the Outstanding Program award that was presented at the CD Society’s 2023 Annual Conference in July. Established in 1969, CDS aims to advance community development theory, research, policy, and practice.

The East of I-77 Business Park is 60-acres is located a mile from Interstate 77 Exit 25 near Caldwell. The project includes the development of six construction-ready pads and an initial 10,000-square-foot speculative building. Project earthwork has been underway as well as engineering for roadwork and utilities and plans for the initial speculative building, funded by the Ohio Rural Industrial Park Loan program.

“I believe this award demonstrates the quality of the collaboration needed to move the East of I-77 Business Park project forward in Noble County,” said Gwynn Stewart, Ohio State University Extension CD Educator. “Not since the 1950s have we seen this level of project effort toward economic site development.”

Partner leaders in Noble County included County Commissioners, the Village of Caldwell, Olive Township and the Noble Community Improvement Corporation as well as from JobsOhio, OhioSE, the Belmont Port Authority, and the Washington Electric Cooperative.

Stewart has served with Ohio State University Extension in Noble County since 2018.

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