Oct 19, 2022 | Jobs

OMEGA invites any firms, individuals, or groups to review and respond to the following Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for consulting services.  The RFPs are a critical component of the Resilience Initiative for Southeastern and Eastern Ohio (RISE Ohio), which contains Opportunity Zone planning and development strategies as a key program area. 

 Please find below links to each of the RFPs.  Respondents must submit proposals to each RFP individually, but submissions to both are welcomed and encouraged. 


 Guernsey County Development Strategies and Analysis of Byesville Elementary for Conversion into an Incubator/Marketplace– the selected CONSULTANT will provide planning and marketing assistance for the Guernsey County Opportunity Zone, including highest and best use and development financing analyses for key development sites.  The selected CONSULTANT will also provide architectural renderings and financing recommendations regarding the Village of Byesville’s preliminary plan to convert the Byesville Elementary building into an incubator/marketplace.


 Planning and Project Development Assistance in 6 Counties Throughout the OMEGA Service Territory – the selected CONSULTANT will provide industrial and commercial site planning, streetscape planning and marketing assistance to zones in 6 Appalachian counties.  Specific deliverables within each county are outlined in the RFP. 

We Can Only Go Up from Here

High Density Mixed Use Planned to Replace Blighted Neighborhood in Whitehall
Like in life, it’s not the hand your dealt that defines you in economic development. It’s about how you play your cards and capitalize on opportunities for your community.

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Yes in Our Back Yard

Ever since the Intel announcement, the region has had endless conversations about how to be “Intel Ready.” While Intel will undoubtedly be a gamechanger for Ohio, we’re behind the eight ball if we weren’t already preparing for population growth and increased pressure on our built infrastructure and logistics pipelines. 

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