Port Authority, Airborne, LGSTX Expanding Relationships

Apr 16, 2020 | News, Newsletter

Aircraft Parking on Ramp Space at the Wilmington Air Park


(WILMINGTON, OHIO) Around the country, aircraft are being temporarily parked as demand for passenger air travel decreases. The Wilmington Air Park, as a facility that can accommodate large aircraft arrivals and departures, is able to offer temporary space for parking of those aircraft.

“Together with Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services (Airborne), we are hoping to provide relief for airlines that have to find places to store these aircraft,” said Port Authority Executive Director Dan Evers. “Airborne has existing customers with whom we are working to build stronger relationships. It is something we can do. It is a way we can help. We want to do what we can to help.”

The Wilmington Air Park is part of the critical infrastructure of the community and the region. Businesses operating at the Air Park are instrumental in keeping the national infrastructure and transportation network strong. As air carriers work to find solutions to the multitude of complications as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, the Port Authority is able to provide temporary assistance for this specific issue.

“This is an opportunity for us to leverage the great working relationship we have with the Clinton County Port Authority to further invest in our existing customers,” said Todd France, President of Airborne. “This was an unplanned, urgent need that we were able to solve with the help of the Port Authority and another ATSG company, LGSTX Services, which brought value to our customer relationship and the community.”

By April 3, it is likely that over 20 passenger aircraft will be parked at the Wilmington Air Park. Additional planning is being undertaken by Airborne, LGSTX Services, and the Port Authority to potentially accommodate more aircraft, if necessary.

“We are working closely with LGSTX Services and the FAA to ensure that we are mitigating any impacts to our existing customers, developing and utilizing best practices, and adhering to the FAA guidelines,” said Evers. “We know recovery could take a while and that things may look differently as the nation recovers. We want to preserve this community asset so it can continue to be the major employment center that it has been for decades.”


About the Clinton County Port Authority

The Clinton County Port Authority is a special purpose government formed to operate transportation infrastructure and lead economic development efforts. It owns and operates the Wilmington Air Park, an integrated aviation and logistics business park located on 1,900 acres with nearly three million square feet of industrial, office and hangar space. Collaborating with the Board of County Commissioners and other partners on Economic Development matters, the Port Authority markets properties and manages programs available to the entire community.   Learn more at www.wilmingtonairpark.com.

About Airborne Maintenance and Engineering Services (AMES)

Airborne-Wilmington, OH is a four-hangar facility with 315,000 sq. ft. located at a CAT III classified airport. Located on site in Wilmington, is a 100,000 sq. ft. Component Repair/Overhaul facility that provides 12,000+ line item repair capability including composites, avionics, wheels, brakes, wire-harness, paint, and heat treat capabilities. Airborne customers receive the support of a Manufacturing division that produces repair parts per FAR 121, replacement part manufacturing per OEM requirements and owner operator parts. Through Reverse Engineering, Airborne is able to manufacture parts with our Quick Turn Manufacturing to meet customer and maintenance requirements. Material Services is a 40,000 sq. ft. facility marketing parts domestically and internationally. Learn more at www.airbornemx.com.

About LGSTX Services

LGSTX Services provides Cargo Handling, Ground Service Equipment, Gateway Operations and the maintenance service that keeps all of those operational for the air cargo industry.

As an ATSG Company, LGSTX has become an industry leader in providing services to the aviation industry. With the addition of TriFactor, they are providing the same level of service to global companies installing Material Handling Systems. Learn more at  www.atsginc.com/our-businesses/lgstx-services.


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