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Feb 9, 2024Jobs

Position Title: Project Manager
Reports To: Managing Director, Projects
Position Type: Full-time
Schedule and Hours: Varies as necessary

About JobsOhio
JobsOhio is a private, nonprofit corporation designed to drive job creation and new capital investment in Ohio through business attraction, retention and expansion efforts. Economic development is about creating a place where companies can thrive and individuals can enjoy a higher standard of living. JobsOhio plays a leading role in economic development and serves as a catalyst to accelerate growth by investing in communities, helping Ohio’s businesses expand and attracting new companies to the state – all contributing to job creation, greater payrolls and more investment.

Summary of Position
The Project Manager is an integral member of the project team responsible for management of Projects and all steps in the process from vetting, structuring, and winning job creation opportunities in Ohio. Depending on the company the Project Manager may also be assisting with the site selection search and visit activities related to the project. Economic Development is a complex sale and the Project Manager is a crucial liaison for the company and connecting key decision makers at state, local & business levels to keep deals moving forward.

JobsOhio’s project managers are responsible for all activity related to the Project* pipeline and process. They are also responsible to have a deep understanding of the JobsOhio and partner Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) incentive philosophy and programs utilized in the Projects (includes but not limited to; Job Creation Tax Credit, Datacenter tax exemption, Roadwork 629 grant, JobsOhio Economic Development and Workforce grants; as well as R&D grant, loans and Talent Acquisition Services). The Project Manager is responsible to engage with companies, identify their drivers and project gaps, work with the deal team and structure a solution to fill the gap.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Knowledge and adherence to Incentive Programs. PM’s are responsible to have deep policy, guideline and philosophy knowledge of JobsOhio and Ohio Department of Development (ODOD) incentive programs, including but not limited to; Tax Incentives, Grants and Loans.
• Manages portfolio of Projects, responsible for seeing assigned projects from intake and vetting through execution of agreements, ensuring all details are thorough and complete
o Follows up on potential projects from a variety of entry points, including but not limited to, consultants, state agency partners, the Governor’s office, Regional Network Partners, business development team, sector teams etc
o Manage project information in the pipeline and share with management on a regular basis in various verbal and written formats
o Help to conceptualize and manage improvements to SalesForce (database system utilized as CRM and project tracking system) in order to adequately manage, track, and report on projects
o Frequent communication to companies, deal team and other partners related to Project activity
• Alignment
o Project Managers are typically aligned with one of the six regional Network Partners; however, other factors such as capacity, relationships, company
locations across Ohio, project complexity etc play a factor into assignments
o Site Selection projects are assigned by the Director based on a multitude of factors (including those listed above) and spread across the project managers
Site Selection
• Intake and vet site selection projects; including gaining as much detail as possible on the physical site requirements of the Project
• Manage site selection process
o Distributes the search criteria via ZoomProspector (ZPE) to all relevant areas of Ohio, provides details and timeline
o Decide which of the sites submitted meet the criteria, package those sites via ZPE and submit relevant sites to the company
o Manage Request for Information (RFI) responses; most searches have an RFI included; therefore, the PM must manage the RFI process including delegation of sections, responses as well ensuring accuracy and completeness of answers
• Manage site visits
o If company decides to visit Ohio the PM is responsible to manage all aspects of the visit; including communication plan, logistics, agendas, stakeholder attendance, follow up items etc
Intake, Vetting and Structuring Offers
• Works closely with businesses, already in Ohio as well as outside Ohio, to discuss confidential business information (company financials, strategic plans etc)
• Engages and communicates with multiple partners throughout the process; however, always keeping a client centric mindset
• Delivers sales pitch to entice companies to choose Ohio
• Determines project drivers and company needs, analyzes strengths and weaknesses of project, project’s capital stack as well as project gaps
• Develops viable solutions to meet Project drivers and gaps; solutions vary per project but could include incentives
• Evaluates incentive/program criteria and policy including Ohio’s ROI, creates structure and makes formal recommendation to JobsOhio and ODOD
• Communicates structured offer to the company; coordinates the deal team in communication and additional follow up; continuing negotiation and consultative selling strategies
Application, Approvals, Agreements and Closing
• Determines timing of application with the company; coordinates with deal team
• Consults with company on any issues during the application and once submitted reviews the application ensuring it is accurate and complete
• Determines the approvals required per Project program and coordinates timing of the approvals; develops approval material, presents at necessary approval bodies (such as Tax Credit Authority, JobsOhio Independent Review Panel etc)
• Coordinates communication and public announcements for Projects; must work directly with the company, deal team members, marketing to ensure alignment on timing of announcement, how the announcement will be made (event, press release etc)
• Monitors Agreements process; responsible to ensure Agreement is drafted after approval, monitors any redlines from the company
• Determines when the Project should be counted as a JobsOhio Metric Win; requires coordination with deal team as well as the company; ensuring accuracy of the data
• Negotiates, if during any of these stages of the Project, the company changes the Project parameters (Metrics)
Performs special projects and other duties as assigned:
• Assists in preparation of briefings for JobsOhio President/Chief Investment Officer, Executive Team and/or Board of Directors; as well as Governor’s office, Director of ODOD, and other state agencies and partners.
• Represents JobsOhio with various groups (local partners, elected officials, ODOD, state agencies) and at conferences and events:
o Serves as the technical expert regarding JobsOhio and ODOD incentive programs
o Pitches appropriate Ohio attributes (strategic locations, business friendly tax structure, motivated workforce etc);
o Performs consultative sales to potential companies
• Attends meetings as required.

Extensive travel required; trips inside Ohio as well as outside of the state and potentially country

Experience Requirements
• 3+ years business experience, 1-3 years of experience in economic development preferred
• Demonstrate ability to keep confidential information confidential
• Consultative sales and/or real estate experience ideal
• Proficient in Microsoft office products (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
• Self-motivated and quick aptitude

Education Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree required, in business, finance, economic development or related degree

*Project is when a company has a job creation and or capital investment opportunity in which Ohio is in competition

JobsOhio is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, disability, age, ancestry, familial status, or veteran status.

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