Request for Proposals (RFP) for Brownfield Recovery Coordinator for Lawrence and Scioto County, Ohio

Apr 20, 2020 | Jobs

Due Date: May 15, 2020


General Information
Document Type: Request for Proposals (RFP)
Posted Date: April 16, 2020
Response Due Date: May 15, 2020
Contract Period: up to two years with possibility for one-year renewal

Point of Contact:
John W. Hemmings III
Executive Director
Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission
(740) 947-2853

Request for Proposals
The Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission (OVRDC) is requesting proposals from experienced firms, groups, or individuals to perform brownfield recovery coordinator duties in Lawrence and Scioto Counties in Ohio.  This is a contract-based position and the selected contractor shall be responsible for all expenses incurred while performing services.  Compensation which shall include related expenses will be negotiated but will include consideration for experience.

Background & Description
The successful RFP respondent will serve as the Brownfield Recovery Coordinator for Lawrence and Scioto Counties in Ohio under the general supervision of the OVRDC, and Lawrence and Scioto County.

The Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission (OVRDC) is a public regional planning commission established in 1967 that serves as a Local Development District for the Appalachian Regional Commission, as an Economic Development District for the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration, and as a Regional Transportation Planning Organization for the Ohio Department of Transportation. OVRDC coordinates federal, state and local resources to encourage development and improve quality of life by offering technical assistance, planning and support for economic development, community development and transportation projects in 12 southern Ohio counties: Adams, Brown, Clermont*, Fayette, Gallia, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Pike, Ross, Scioto and Vinton.

Scioto County is a county located along the Ohio River in the south-central region of the state of Ohio. As of the 2010 census, the population was 79,499, and its county seat is Portsmouth.  Many parts of Scioto County are heavily forested, especially in the western half of the county with Shawnee State Park. Scioto County’s economy was historically based on heavy industry. Through the early 20th century and until the 1970s, heavy industry such as steel mills and shoe factories drove the county’s economy. Since the closure of these factories, Scioto County has suffered a loss of jobs and revenue.  In the early 21st century, the service industry and healthcare are the largest employers in the county. Scioto County is home to the newest state university in Ohio, Shawnee State University.  The county has seen a resurgence of smaller manufacturing along with continual growth of the service sector.

Lawrence County is the southernmost county located in the state of Ohio. As of the 2010 census, the population was 62,450, its county seat is Ironton, and it is part of the Huntington–Ashland-Ironton metropolitan area.  Much like Scioto County it is heavily forested, especially in the central and northern part, with Wayne National Forest owning significant land in the county.  Lawrence County’s economy was also historically based on heavy industry including iron production.  Today, the service sector and manufacturing sector are both strong with both seeing a resurgence due to the county being part of the Huntington-Ashland-Ironton metropolitan area.

Scope of Services/ Specific Responsibilities:
This is an independent contractor/consulting position.  The Brownfield Recovery Coordinator will be offered a contract of up to two (2) years, which may be extended based on the mutual agreement of the parties for up to one (1) additional year.

The firm, group, or person selected should be flexible and able to work independently, able to structure their own workdays and able to complete their work within the general timetable established by OVRDC and the two counties per the contract.

Other relevant skills include the ability to work well with others and undertake joint projects; and a willingness to participate in special training programs, conferences, workshops, and classes as required.  The work environment may involve flexible hours, including availability outside normal office hours, as needed.  The Brownfield Recovery Coordinator must be available for travel.


Specific Responsibilities include:

  1. Assist Scioto County Economic Development Office, Lawrence Economic Development Corporation, and OVRDC in working with the US Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA), and other federal and State of Ohio economic development and brownfield assistance programs and maintain regular communication with representatives of these agencies. (Approximately 10% of time)
  2. Provide technical assistance to Scioto and Lawrence Counties related to development along the Ohio River corridor at The Point Industrial Park, and the corridor between Hanging Rock, Ohio and New Boston, Ohio particularly with two brownfield sites at each extreme end of the corridor and in implementing strategies and projects identified in the Scioto/Lawrence Counties Strategic Plan which is being developed by Ohio University’s Voinovich School. (Approximately 10% of time)
  3. Assist the Scioto County Economic Development Office with the planning and redevelopment of the former New Boston Coke property and adjacent properties. This work will include but not be limited to project/financial planning, securing technical consultants/providers, grant application development and grant award management functions. (Approximately 35% of time)
  4. Assist the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation and Lawrence County Port Authority with the planning and redevelopment of adjacent brownfield properties at The Point Industrial Park in South Point, and at the Southern Ohio Industrial District and adjacent properties at Haverhill. This work will include but not be limited to project/financial planning, securing technical consultants/providers, grant application development and grant award management functions. (Approximately 20% of time)
  5. Assist the City of Portsmouth with the planning and development of a new water treatment plant. This work will include but not be limited to project/financial planning, securing technical consultants/providers, grant application development, grant award management functions. (Approximately 15% of time)
  6. Conduct other appropriate priority brownfield recovery-related functions as assigned by the Scioto County Economic Development Office, Lawrence Economic Development Corporation and/or OVRDC in Hanging Rock to New Boston corridor. (Approximately 4% of time)
  7. Keep the Scioto County Economic Development Office, Lawrence Economic Development Corporation, and OVRDC regularly updated on progress of work completed, obstacles encountered, solutions to any obstacles, etc. (Approximately 4% of time)
  8. Assist Ohio University Voinovich School and OVRDC with preparation of regular written progress reports and the final report for the Economic Development Administration grant supporting this contract position. (Approximately 1% of time)
  9. Assist Ohio University Voinovich School and OVRDC with preparing a follow-up EDA application for continuation of project if funding is available and pursued. (Approximately 1% of time)


Procedure for RFP Submittal
Submit electronic copies of Proposals. Submittals should include the information outlined below. Proposals should be submitted electronically by 12 Noon EST on May 15, 2020:

John W. Hemmings III
Executive Director
Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission
73 Progress Drive
Waverly, Ohio 45690

Proposals received after 12 Noon EST May 15, 2020 will not be considered.

Qualification Statements
Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) should include the following:

  • Qualifications, Experience and Capabilities: Describe the qualification and capabilities of implementing the scope of services. Include qualifications associated with writing & managing federal & state grants, working with multiple stakeholders, experience in economic and community development particularly related to economic recovery from significant job loss in an area.  Include knowledge and familiarity with the people and socio-economic conditions of the Appalachia Ohio, the OVRDC region, and Scioto and Lawrence Counties in particular. Include project summaries of relevant projects completed.  Summarize the scope of services and provide client contact information.
  • Key Staff Assigned to Project: Provide an organization chart identifying personnel assigned to this proposal, including their roles and anticipated level of involvement. Personnel identified in the proposal must be the principal staff that will work with OVRDC, Scioto County, and Lawrence County and represent the majority of hours billed. Resumes shall not exceed 3 pages in length
  • History of Company: Full disclosure regarding the company status, and status of parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors as potential responsible parties, including but not limited to:

o Business Background
o Legal name of business
o Age of business
o Names, addresses, position of all persons having a financial interest in the company
o State of formation
o Number of employees
o Licenses and certifications relevant to the described work

  • Professional Practice (Limited to the Project Team, all employees assigned to this project):

o Ever been cited by any authority for unscrupulous practice?
o Have any past or present suits with any current or former clients? Explain as necessary
o Including parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, and subcontractors, ever been or are currently disbarred from receiving Federal funds?
o Any certification indicating that staff assigned to this project is equipped to carry out the provisions of this proposal
o Three (3) references from clients for which the firm or person has provided similar services
o Other: Provide any other information that may be useful when reviewing this proposal

Estimate of Cost
Proposals must include a total cost to complete the scope of work as provided above.  Please be advised this will be a contract position and all cost associated with completing the scope of work above, including travel, supplies, office, etc., should be included in the total cost figure.

Consultant Selection
Proposals will be evaluated and ranked based on the selection criteria outlined below. The OVRDC may ask the top ranked firms, groups, or persons to interview as part of the evaluation process. After the conclusion of the evaluation process, the firms, groups, or persons will be ranked in priority order with the highest-ranking firm, group, or person being selected to negotiate a contract and scope of services with OVRDC. If a contract satisfactory to both parties cannot be negotiated, OVRDC will then enter into negotiations with the next highest ranked firm, group, or person and so on until an agreement is reached.

In the event OVRDC elects to negotiate a contract with a selected firm, group, or person, OVRDC reserves the right to negotiate such terms and conditions of the contract, including, but not limited to scope, role, price, and staffing which may be in the best interests of OVRDC.  The selected firm, group, or person shall provide written proof of insurance coverage for personal injury and property damage, including comprehensive general and automobile liability and contractual liability.

OVRDC member organizations are not eligible for consideration under this RFP.

Selection Criteria
OVRDC will evaluate the proposals based upon the following criteria:

  • Experience and ability to successfully complete the scope of services
  • Demonstrated experience including successful economic and community development work for similar clients
  • Familiarity with the Appalachia Ohio region, the OVRDC region particularly Scioto and Lawrence Counties
  • Proven track record of effective brownfield recovery efforts in other rural communities
  • Ability to complete the scope of work within the project budget (budget maximum is $200,000 for a two-year contract)


Rights Reserved
OVRDC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject all submissions, reissue a subsequent RFP, terminate, restructure or amend this procurement process at any time.  Evaluation criteria contained herein shall be used in evaluating interested firms, groups, or persons for selection. OVRDC may contact any RFP respondent after receiving its submittal to seek clarification on any portion thereof. OVRDC reserves the right to request additional information from any RFP respondent if OVRDC deems such information necessary to further evaluate selection. OVRDC reserves the right to select several consultants to perform task under the contract. All RFP material submitted to OVRDC becomes property of OVRDC and will not be returned to the RFP respondents.

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