RFP – Project Manager for Appalachian Community Grant Program – Technical Assistance Planning Process

Mar 24, 2023 | Jobs

Request For Proposal
Project Manager for Appalachian Community Grant Program
Technical Assistance Planning Process

Harrison County (OH) Board of County Commissioners

Amy Norris, President
Board of County Commissioners
100 West Market Street
Cadiz, OH  43907
(740) 942-4623


 The Harrison County Board of County Commissioners  (“COUNTY”) anticipates receiving a State of Ohio Appalachian Community Grant Program (ACGP) Technical Assistance Grant in the next few months. As such, the COUNTY is issuing a Request for Proposal (“RFP”) from qualified individuals, companies or organizations that provide project management services to assist the COUNTY in the administration of their ACGP planning process.  The fee for project management services will be paid with ACGP funds.

The Appalachian Community Grant Program was created to fund sustainable, transformative projects in the 32 counties of the Appalachian region of Ohio. Included in Ohio House Bill 377, signed by Governor DeWine on June 28, 2022, the Appalachian Community Grant Program will be administered by the Ohio Department of Development (“ODOD”). Projects should be designed to bring about transformational change and be a catalyst for future development by providing generational investments in the Appalachian region.

The COUNTY submitted a Technical Assistance grant to the state on December 9, 2022, seeking up to $250,000 for planning activities.  If the grant is awarded, $50,000.00 has been allocated for the project management services outlined in this RFP. The primary focus of the project management activity is to ensure that proposed projects will be ready for inclusion in an Appalachian Community Development grant application by the fall of 2023.  Projects may be included in a county-wide or regional application.  The Project Manager will, therefore, oversee various planning processes (e.g. seeking architectural and engineering cost estimates from service providers involved in the ACGP process) as specific projects are prepared for inclusion in the 2023 Development grant application.

The Project Manager will work with the COUNTY, Steering Committee as well as any sub-committees that may be developed and with communities and organizations throughout Harrison County and/or the Appalachian region of Ohio.  The Project Manager will take a leadership role by developing systems and materials that assist the committees, communities, and organizations that will deliver a slate of projects that can be included in a 2023 Development (implementation) grant application(s) to the Appalachian Community Grant Program. The COUNTY has budgeted $50,000 for the Project Manager.

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