Senior Program Coordinator, Economic Development

Jan 18, 2023 | Jobs

Senior Program Coordinator, Economic Development – Franklin County Board of Commissioners

Franklin County, the largest county in Ohio, has a unique career opportunity for a mid-level economic development professional. The primary role of the Senior Program Coordinator classification is to serve as a liaison to local communities for technical and supportive services as they relate to economic development programs, in public financing programs business attraction and retention efforts development of affordable housing programs, and a working knowledge of economic development Federal, State policy and procedures, and incentives.

Specific responsibilities include: incentive program management, oversight of Franklin County’s Tax Incentive Review Council (TIRC) and working closely with the Franklin County Auditor’s office in the process of reviewing incentive portfolio.  Preparing reports for the Auditor’s office and the Board of Commissioners as to the performance of the incentive portfolio while providing administrative assistance to the TIRC for meeting preparation and logistics. Preparing annual tax incentive monitoring fee schedules and invoices of companies while managing annual reports for the Ohio Department of Development. Preparing resolutions and contract summaries seeking Board of Commissioners approval on varied funding commitments, tax abatements, or other relevant projects.  Presenting resolutions to the Board of Commissioners at briefing meetings, and attend General Session as needed.  Preparing loan agreements and memorandums, working closely with the Prosecuting Attorney’s office.

Responsible for the administration of contracts with a variety of outside partners, assisting the county in economic development activities and affordable housing development for programs such as the Magnet Fund and infrastructure construction projects with Franklin County municipalities under the Infrastructure Bank program. Interface with the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Grants and Tax Incentives representatives and company representatives to facilitate the Enterprise Zone, Community Reinvestment Area, and Tax Increment Finance programs. Have an engaged presence with local/regional partners to work on attracting and retaining companies in Franklin County while providing regional leadership. Collaborate with developers, commercial realtors, investors, external economic development partners, and company representatives to facilitate new development/redevelopment, commercial realtors, prospective entrepreneurs, local communities, and the general public, at the direction of the Director and Assistant Director.

Bachelor’s degree in economics, economic development, city/urban/regional planning, finance, public administration, communication, business administration, accounting, or related field with three (3) years of economic development, affordable housing development, public finance, commercial development, or related experience; or any equivalent combination of training and experience.

Knowledge and experience in Economic Development; Community Development; Affordable Housing; budgeting; accounting; public relations; human relations; agency policy and procedures; government structure and process; business. CEcD preferred.

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