This isn’t Nashville. This is West Chester, Ohio.

Aug 24, 2023 | News, Newsletter

Katy Kanelopoulos
West Chester Township Community Development Department 

60,000 concert goers attend inaugural 4 day Voices of America Country Music Festival in West Chester, Ohio with Alabama, JoDee Messina, Lainey Wilson, Dan +Shay, and many more!

Plenty of rave reviews for the first-ever Voices of America Country Music Fest August 10-13, 2023, with organizers and attendees already planning for next year.

The Voices of America Country Music Fest was successfully coordinated and managed by promoter Tyler Wogenstahl, his staff and investors at Further Concepts and Investors LLC, Art Rich and his production team, Tim Jordan and members of their teams.

Partners West Chester Township, MetroParks of Butler County and The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting worked together to provide the event venue and coordinate life safety/fire and law enforcement services to the event.

Further Concepts and Investors LLC brought big name country music acts to the historic property known for sharing the news and culture of America around the globe during the height of the Cold War.

Sponsors, vendors, non-profits, local media and countless others played a part in making the VOA Country Music Festival a success.

Plenty of advance planning helped curb the anticipated traffic and public safety concerns in the area of the event with attendees, numbering about 60,000. Public safety costs during the weekend of the event were covered by Further Concepts and Investors LLC and a grant from the State of Ohio.

It took an average of 33.5 minutes each night to clear the VOA Park parking lots and there were no vehicle crashes. Traffic around the site continued to flow smoothly all weekend with attendees’ arrival at the event spread over several hours.

The plans and operational details coordinated for the event by the community’s public safety services worked as intended leaving concert attendees and residents to have a great experience all weekend long.

The music festival will return next year, August 9-11 2024.

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