Worthington RFP – Wilson Bridge Road

Sep 1, 2022 | Jobs

Redevelopment of 3.25 Acres on East Wilson Bridge Road

Due Date: Friday, September 30, 2022

The Worthington Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) is seeking requests for proposal from qualified real estate developers, employers, consultants, or professional organizations specializing in real estate development, for the redevelopment of ~3.25 acres along the south side of E. Wilson Bridge Road. Successful proposals should incorporate relevant data about current and future real estate needs in the Worthington area, community demographics and economic data, the City’s capacity for additional commercial or residential growth, and specific plans for the revitalization of the site. Proposals shall also set forth specific land uses, conceptual site plans, and overall community and economic impact.

The adopted Wilson Bridge Road Corridor Study made recommendations for the Wilson Bridge Road corridor from the Olentangy River from the west to the railroad crossing from the east. The study recommended the need to promote the redevelopment of the Wilson Bridge Road Corridor into a mixed-use area that will generate new economic growth within the City. These
recommendations are intended to foster development that strengthens land use and economic value; encourage a mix of uses; enhance livability of the area; augment pedestrian and bicycle connections; and promote construction of high-quality buildings and public spaces that create and sustain long-term economic vitality.

The CIC has been working to aggregate properties along E. Wilson Bridge Rd. and has successfully acquired four (4) contiguous properties (145, 139, 133, and 127) with the intention of converting the properties from single family residential parcels into professional office space. The properties were rezoned from single family residential to WBC-2 Professional Office in 2021. These parcels, located at the southeast corner of E. Wilson Bridge Road and Westview Drive, equate to approximately 3.25 acres and constitute the focus area for this redevelopment opportunity. Aerials of the focus area can be seen on the next page. Parcel numbers:  100-002470, 100-002555, 100-002709 & 100-002473.

(Note: three (3) additional parcels contiguous to the subject property have also been rezoned to WBC-2 Professional Office, but are not owned by the Worthington CIC. These are parcel numbers 100-002474, 100-002475, and 100-002476.)


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