2021 Shows New Opportunities in Lawrence County

Jan 22, 2021News, Newsletter

Cody Hatten
Lawrence Economic Development Corporation (LEDC)


The Covid-19 pandemic has presented a degree of uncertainty for Ohioans, and Lawrence County residents were no exception. The concerns caused by the pandemic, and its repercussions, brought about economic sluggishness throughout the world, with healthcare, government and business leaders vigorously working to find a solution. On the local level, the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) took the challenge head-on by finding new ways to adapt and continue work from beyond the office.

A key component of staying ahead was accelerated marketing of the county. Digital marketing was crucial to outreach initiatives and connecting with businesses which were still seeking opportunities for growth. Through utilization of online property databases, LEDC has been able to consistently market numerous sites and buildings to major companies looking to increase their manufacturing and warehousing space.

Outside of digital marketing, traditional marketing tactics have played a crucial part in reaching out to local business leaders. LEDC created quantities of brand new, metal signs and imbedded them with QR codes, and placed at major sites throughout the county. These codes provide quick access to full property pages and allow interested individuals to swiftly get property information, thus creating a convenience for those on the receiving end of LEDC’s marketing.

Positive results are already being seen from these efforts. Traditional marketing tactics, primarily site signage containing LEDC’s contact information, have brought in an increase of property inquiries. The influx of calls and emails for additional property information and site visits was apparent almost immediately after implementation and shows the value of the more traditional marketing techniques towards increasing visibility amongst consumers. The digital marketing, primarily on the online database websites like LoopNet using “silver listings”, has produced results of increased site viewership, as well as increased engagement of calls and emails from national and international businesses. The increase in networking has affirmed the true value of digital marketing, and the outcome of these tactics have allowed LEDC to leverage itself globally as a strong representative of Lawrence County and southern Ohio to various business leaders.

Bill Dingus, Executive Director of LEDC, understood the importance of heavy marketing during the pandemic. “We knew that as social distancing measures were implemented, it would be more difficult to meet with any businesses in a traditional sense. Our goal was to make sure we were heavily marketing the county online, as well as implementing our new property sale signage at key sites, so that we would be seen by a wide net of business leaders: both locally and worldwide”

While the state of Ohio continues to lead through the pandemic, LEDC will continue doing its part by working vigorously towards new and innovative ways of connecting with businesses, ensuring that every opportunity for the economic prosperity of Lawrence County is explored.