Loan Closing and Servicing Officer – OSDC – Columbus, Ohio

Seeking detail-oriented, self-starter with experience working on commercial loans. Individual should enjoy working in team setting with ability to multi-task and manage multiple deadlines. Significant on-the-job training available for individuals who demonstrate ability to learn quickly and interest in taking ownership of job responsibilities.

TSEP seeks Economic Development Manager (Tiffin, Ohio)

The Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership (TSEP) is seeking someone to manage its industrial, commercial and residential development activities and join one of the most dynamic and successful local economic development organizations in the country. Created in 1983, TSEP is a 501c3 public-private partnership that acts as the economic development agent for Tiffin and rural Seneca County in northwest Ohio (population 55,000).

Montrose Group 2020 Corporate Site Location Trends

Nickolas Otto in 1876 invented the four-stroke internal combustion engine in which in which combustion occurs (aka burning) inside the engine rather than in a separate furnace generating motive power by the burning of fuels such as petrol and oil.[i]  Considering the fact that the $3.6 T global automobile industry[ii] for the most part still runs on oil in an internal combustion engine, Otto’s invention has had a pretty good run.  Signs are that run is going to slow substantially and the global automobile industry is going to undergo a major transformation as the manufacture and sales of electric vehicles (EV) is on the rise.

Tracked House Bills – February 2022

Federal News:

2022 may be the tipping point in sales of electric vehicles:  Market analysts are predicting 2022 may be the year in which sales of cars powered solely by batteries tip into the mainstream.  Data reported for 2021 show such vehicle sales surged in the United States, Europe and China; sales of fossil fuel vehicles were stagnant.