Huron County Teachers & Counselors Participate in Business Bootcamp

Before they officially started their summer break, 17 Huron County teachers & counselors participated in ‘Teacher Business Bootcamp’, an immersive professional development opportunity consisting of 6 business tours and a final project that they will use in their classrooms during the next school year.

How Will the Recent Tyler v. Hennepin County, Minn. Decision Affect Ohio’s Land Banking?

As widely expected by land banking advocates, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down an opinion steeped in the language of “home equity theft” to find a taking under the federal Constitution in a Minnesota case that screamed for righteous indignation. The Court’s decision in Tyler v. Hennepin County, Minnesota, et al. placed a period at the end of the sentence in a series of cases brought by the conservative Pacific Legal Foundation that attacked various states’ tax foreclosure processes as amounting to “takings” under the Constitution.

Manager, Development Division – City of Dayton

The Division Manager of Economic and Community Development oversees the implementation of various city plans and initiatives through the use of both Community Development and Economic Development resources and tools.

Real Estate Coordinator – Regional Growth Partnership

The Real Estate Coordinator will support the work of the RGP Real Estate and Project Management Teams in various aspects including, but not limited to: ensuring site and building data is properly and accurately loaded in the online database ZoomProspector Enterprise (ZPE), assisting with site search responses, supporting the site readiness of various sites through Site Readiness Grants, authentication of sites through SiteOhio, and the development of new sites.

Deputy Director, Miami County Department of Development

: The primary function of the Deputy Director/Economic Development is to create, implement, and manage the Miami County Economic Development programs and provide additional assistance to the Director, as needed. Secondary functions include management of the Department of Development staff, development of departmental policies and procedures, preparation of annual budget projections and monitoring of actuals against budget.