Economic Development Officer – MORPC – Columbus, Ohio

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As  Central  Ohio’s  regional  council,  MORPC  is  an  association of  cities,  villages,  townships, counties  and  regional  organizations  and serves  rural,  suburban,  and  urban areas.  We take  pride in bringing communities  of  all  sizes  and interests  together  to collaborate on best  practices  and plan for  the  future  of  our  growing region.  We  do  this  through  a  variety  of  programs,  services, projects  and initiatives  –  all  with the goal  of  improving the lives  of  our  residents  and  making Central  Ohio stand out  on  the  world stage. One of  Central  Ohio’s  greatest  strengths  is  the  diversity  of  our  communities,  and  to  best  serve our  region,  MORPC  assertively  values  diversity  and inclusion and  strives  to  reflect  those  values in our  team,  our  work,  and our  positive impact  for  the  region.  Our  work  progresses  when our team  can draw  on  a wide  range  of  personal  experiences  and backgrounds,  and when each member  is  open  to learning from  the  experiences  of  others,  both internally  and externally.  As  an equal  opportunity  employer,  we  fully  support  all  applicable state and  federal  laws  and regulations  and  do not  discriminate  against  applicants  for  employment  or  employees  because of race,  color,  creed,  religion,  ancestry,  national  origin,  sexual  orientation,  sex  or  gender,  gender identity  or  expression,  pregnancy,  medical  conditions,    age,  disability  or  other  handicap,  genetic information,  marital/familial  status,  veteran  status,  military  status,  or  income  or  status  with regard  to  public  assistance in any  aspects  of  our  personnel  policies,  working conditions,  or hiring and recruitment.   To create and  nourish  a  workforce as  diverse  as  the Central  Ohio  region,  MORPC  encourages members  of  groups  traditionally  underrepresented  in  local  government  and  professional positions  to  apply  for  our  open career  opportunities. MORPC recognizes  the  value of  a  healthy  work/life balance  for  our  team  members  and  as  such, we provide  a variety  of  benefits  to  promote  that  balance.  Eligible  employees  receive  a  free system-wide  transit  pass  and discounted access  to other  alternative  transportation modes  to provide options  for  commuting  to work.  MORPC  encourages  opportunities  for  career advancement  through  generous  tuition  and  professional  development  incentives,  leadership programs,  and participation in local  and national  organizations.  For  eligible permanent  positions, MORPC also  offers  flexible schedules  and  remote work  options  as  well  as  paid time off  and holidays.  MORPC  employees  may  also  be eligible for  excellent  health,  vision and dental insurance,  employee  assistance programs,  employer  paid  short-term  &  long-term  disability coverage,  employer  paid  life insurance  in  the amount  of  $50,000 coverage,  participation in  the Ohio Public  Employees  Retirement  System,  plus  two Deferred Compensation Plans  that employees  can  opt  into  for  additional  retirement  funding.  More info can  be  found  in the  benefits link  within the online posting.   

The Mid-Ohio Regional  Planning Commission (MORPC)  is  seeking a  Economic  Development Officer  on  the  Programming Team.  Under  administrative  direction of  the  Chief  Regional Development  Officer  and  Senior  Director  of  Programming,  The Economic  Development  Officer  is responsible  for  directing  and  developing  agency  economic  development  and  strategic  infrastructure programming  and  performs  related duties  as  required.   The  Economic  Development  Officer  is  an officer-level  position,  with  subordinate management  responsibilities  and  regular  reporting  to  senior agency  leadership  and  the Executive  Director.   The  position requires  planning and  coordination spurred from  maintaining  relationships  and acting promptly  on project  development  for  relevant  economic  development  stakeholders, including One Columbus,  USEDA,  USEPA,  regional  Lead Economic  Development  Officials, COTA,  workforce  development  entities,  and  others. The  Economic  Development  Officer  is  often  tapped to  provide  information to  the  Executive Director  and is  considered a  trusted  member  the  agency’s  Leadership  Team.  A  successful candidate is  self-motivated,  metric-driven  and encourages  the  success  of  MORPC  colleagues and members.


Examples of Duties

  • Oversee  preparation of  the application for  the Columbus  Region Economic  Development District  (CREDD).
  • Lead the implementation  and provide periodic  updates  of  the Columbus  Region Comprehensive Economic  Development  Strategy  (CEDS).
  • Oversee implementation  and compliance  related  to the  United States  Economic Development  Administration (USEDA)  grant  to  MORPC  for  economic  recovery.
  • Oversee implementation  and compliance  related  to the  United States  Environmental Protection Agency  (USEPA)  grant  to  MORPC  for  brownfield assessment  related to redevelopment.
  • Lead bi-annual  update of  the  Competitive Advantage Projects  (CAP)  program,  and  provide ongoing technical  assistance,  including  project  strategy  development  and  strategic  funding assistance.
  • Broadly  support  other  agency  planning projects  with economic  development  components.


Typical Qualifications

The  Economic  Development  Officer  should possess  a working knowledge  of  the principles, practices  and techniques  of  public  administration and planning.  Good communication (written and oral)  abilities  and a strong knowledge of  Microsoft  Office software are essential.  The successful candidate must  have the  ability  to maintain a positive working relationship with peers,  the public, and outside agencies.   Should have a valid driver’s  license,  good driving record and maintain liability  coverage as required by  MORPC.  Should be willing to use  agency  or  personal  vehicle with mileage reimbursed to conduct  MORPC  business.  Essential  functions  include the ability  to use phone,  computer,  and conduct  professional  meetings.  MORPC  has  a flexible work  environment  which allows  for  some remote work  capabilities.  However,  this  position will  have the expectation to work  in-person most often. 

Acceptable Experience  and  Training: 

  • Completion of  a bachelor’s  degree in  City  and  Regional  Planning,  Economics,  Public Administration,  Political  Science  or  comparable  subject  matter  from  an accredited  college or university.
  • A minimum  of  five years  of  experience is  required.  
  • Applicants  with additional  accreditations  and  advanced degrees  in appropriate  fields  of study  are given  preference in the  application process. Essential  Functions:
  • Prepares  research,  planning reports,  and  summaries.
  • Presents  reports  and  represents  MORPC  in a  non-policymaking capacity  to government officials,  citizen groups,  professional  organizations,  etc.
  • Represents  MORPC  in various  public  forums  including public  involvement  meetings,  and inter-agency  coordination meetings.
  • Assists  with  updating  MORPC  planning and program  documents. •  Maintains  working  knowledge of  federal  and  state  guidelines.


Supplemental Information

MORPC is  an EOE/AAP  employer.  

Please apply  online at  or  you may  mail  a resume to  or  complete  an  application at  MORPC,  111 Liberty  St.,  Suite  100, Columbus,  OH  43215  ATTN:  PG-1-22 

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Due to  the  high number  of  expected  applicants,  we cannot  accept  phone  call  inquiries.

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