Economic Development Project Manager

Aug 30, 2023 | Jobs

Position Title: Economic Development Project Manager
Reports To:    CEO of Allen Economic Development Group


To serve the mission of Allen Economic Development Group. To work with the staff of AEDG, the Business Community, and the Private/Public Sectors to foster economic growth, capital investment and job creation. To assist in developing relationships with and to be an advocate for those in the business sector. To work with and support the AEDG team and community leaders to foster economic development opportunities.

Position Qualifications:


  • Experience in business and economic development.
  • Experience in working in a team setting.
  • Experience or knowledge of working in the private and the public sectors.
  • Experience and oversight development projects.
  • Experience with workforce development.


  • High School education.
  • Preferably a BA in a liberal arts education with focus in communication, administration, business, finance, economic development or leadership.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Relational, able to work with others, must be collaborative in nature.
  • Shows ability to see assignments to completion and success.
  • Working knowledge of local governmental structure and roles.
  • Has a working ability with excel, power point and technical office systems.

Position Responsibilities:

Economic/Business Development – Development Project Support

  • Awareness, able to express, and manage necessary AEDG functions
  • Assist in Business Retention, Expansion and Attraction meetings
  • Assist in RFI reviews and submittals
  • Manage, Support and Assist in development projects

Site Preparation– Site and Building Development Support

  • Support and assist Port Authority of Allen County functions
  • Assist in Site Management and Building Inventory
  • Assist in infrastructure improvement, planning and projects

PAAC – Allen County Port Authority Support

  • Grant Submittals
  • AC Port Authority project management
  • Maintenance management of Sites and Buildings

Incentive & Grant – Program, Incentive and Grant Support

  • Economic and community development program support
  • Research of Grants/Incentives/Project Support
  • Grant writing for AEDG and Lima/Allen County
  • Inclusion Grant, Brownfield Grant, OSIP Grant opportunities
  • JO, Federal and State Grant Opportunities
  • Local incentive support
    • Understanding of CRA’s, Tax Abatements, PACE Funding and other Incentive programs.
    • Financial Assistance in support of attraction and expansion.
    • Work w/ D’Arcy Program, the Revolving Loan and AC Port Authority.

Workforce Development

  • MakerFest and Career Pathway Support
  • Business/HR BR & E’s as needed
  • Site visit opportunities with area companies
  • Business Advisory Council Representative (BAC)

Position Requirements & Guidelines:
Term:   Indefinite, worked out with the CEO and the AEDG Board.
Time Commitment:      Full-time energy and focus. Minimum of 40 hours/week.
Salary:    Salaried, with Benefits.  Pay dependent on qualifications and experience. 

Relational / Behavioral Expectations

  1. Open – doesn’t withhold their thoughts but shares them in a non-offensive way and committed to seeking and receiving thoughts of others in a non-defensive way.
  2. Integrity –being truthful and reliable, telling the truth and doing what you say.
  3. Trustworthy – handles confidential personal information.
  4. Committed to building oneness as a team.
  5. Communicate well with others – able to treat people with courtesy and respect.
  6. Commit to portray to those in the community a positive attitude of the direction by words and deeds.
  7. Commit to support the mission statement and the annual business and vision statement by means of their talents, skills, and abilities.
  8. Is able to view their role as one of serving the staff, businesses and broader community.
  9. Is willing to learn and try new ways of approaching tasks.
  10. Is able to tactfully refer requested information to proper channels when the desired information is not readily available.
  11. Show respect and good spirit of cooperation with co-workers.
  12. Dress neatly and appropriately.

AEDG Vision Responsibilities:

  1. Business Relationship Development
  2. Community Relationship Development
  3. Business/Community/Government Advocacy
  4. Business/Community Investment Enhancement
  5. Site/Inventory of Properties
  6. Incentives
  7. Communication
  8. Infrastructure/Data Needs
  9. Collateral Economic Development Programs
  10. Greater Lima Region Association

General Responsibilities of all AEDG Staff:

  1. Diligently attempt to fulfill the mission of AEDG.
  2. Work with the AEDG team to develop and execute an annual Business Plan.
  3. Develop and give an annual goal and vision statement to the President of AEDG.
  4. Report and be accountable to the President of AEDG.
  5. Provide accountability assessments for those working on assignments that you are responsible.
  6. Coordinate activities in your areas of focus with the team and resolve conflicts when necessary.
  7. Meet at least weekly with AEDG Staff to communicate and coordinate efforts.
  8. Identify and develop roles of responsibility with the AEDG Staff.
  9. When assignments cross-over with other AEDG staff members or the team as a whole work diligently with others to achieve success.
  10. Evaluate performance yearly with Supervisor.

For more information or to send a resume contact the following:
Dave Stratton – President/CEO of Allen Economic Development Group
144 S. Main St., Suite 200
Lima, Ohio 45801
Work: 419 222 – 7706
Cell: 419 348 – 6538

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