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Apr 19, 2022News, Newsletter

J.P. Nauseef


In the current hot job market, talent with the right skills is hard to find. This is not news to any of us. This is what we are hearing from our community partners.

The problem is real. The demand is outpacing the talent supply in most areas, especially in technology, life sciences, and manufacturing. This creates competition for the 23,000 new candidates that Ohio universities graduate each year.

Tapping into that emerging pipeline is one way for an employer to find talent.   Another way is to leverage the partners and resources in the workforce ecosystem.

Ohio has a robust set of agencies, partners, and local workforce programs. However, it can be unclear how to effectively leverage these resources for successful candidate attraction and talent upskilling or reskilling for an employer.

Companies need a streamlined way to help find the unique talent that suits their needs. JobsOhio and its six regional partners are available to partner with you to help your companies find the talent to be successful.

We can also help with benchmarking and navigating the programs and incentives available at the regional and state level, tailoring our approach based on the needs.

We also received helpful feedback from roundtables performed with many of you: Talent and Workforce were a priority for the incoming American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds. As a result, please leverage our updated guidebook to help you work with local partners on creative solutions.

In addition, JobsOhio programs help build a talent strategy using:

  • Talent Acquisition Services (TAS): As an incentive in an economic development project, we can assist companies in identifying their biggest recruitment challenges and then collaborate with them to build and execute sustainable talent solutions.
  • Find Your Ohio (FYO): Our national talent attraction initiative proactively drives in-demand talent to the state by matching out-of-state candidate resumes with openings at Ohio organizations. Companies have direct access to a pool of pre-screened candidates through the program as soon as a job opening arises, saving time and money while better positioning them for the future.
  • Innovation Districts: Three key Innovation Districts establish Ohio as a global leader in healthcare, life sciences, and technology. The goal is to create sustainable ecosystems of ideas, infrastructure, and talent where the world’s top people and companies come to roll up their sleeves, innovate, and grow.

Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted, who serves as the Director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, also offers millions of dollars through TechCred to help businesses and thousands of Ohioans become more competitive. It delivers on the Administration’s commitment to supporting efforts that upskill our current workforce in preparation for a more tech-focused economy.

If you have a talent need in technology, life sciences, or industry 4.0 occupations, JobsOhio can help. Please connect with JobsOhio, our six regional economic partners, or TechCred.

2024 Annual Excellence Awards Call for Nomination: Deadline: August 1, 2024

The Ohio Economic Development Association’s annual excellence awards program recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations in Ohio in the areas of economic and workforce development. Submit your nominations today and have excellence in your community recognized state-wide! A panel of OEDA members will assess the nominations, determine finalists, and select an overall winner. Award winners will be announced at a ceremony during the OEDA Annual Summit to be held September 5 – 6, 2024, in Toledo, Ohio. Award finalists will be notified prior to the Annual Summit. Winners and finalists will be promoted on OEDA’s website and in an OEDA e-newsletter

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