NEDC Launches Talent “Re-attraction” Campaign

Mar 13, 2023 | News, Newsletter

Kayla Strause

March 1, 2023

Marketing Campaign aims to Re-Attract Young People to Norwalk and Build Community Pride

Norwalk, Ohio – Today, Norwalk Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) released a video and webpage to kick off a “We – Make – We Build – We Thrive” marketing campaign. We Make – We Build – We Thrive showcases the Norwalk area’s top industries, vocational opportunities, and quality of life in order to build community pride and retain, attract, & re-attract talent.

The name of the campaign is derived from Norwalk’s top industries – manufacturing and construction – and high quality of life. Leading economic development firms suggest that a community’s morale relates to nearly every other aspect of its competitiveness. For example, persistent low morale or negativity discourage many of a community’s young people from staying there into adulthood. We Make – We Build – We Thrive includes a professionally produced video and webpage showcasing scenes from the Norwalk area that feature our top industries and quality of life. ‘We Make’ showcases the high-tech, high revenue-producing manufacturing jobs, ‘We Build’ showcases careers in construction, ‘We Thrive’ showcases our quality of place – downtown, bike trails, and friendly, diverse faces.

The video, found on YouTube [], is titled “Move Home to Norwalk, Ohio. We Make. We Build. We Thrive.” and has the caption:

✅High paying jobs at growing companies
✅Centrally located, close to Lake Erie, Cedar Point, Cleveland
✅You can afford a house
✅Volleyball & Softball leagues, gyms, festivals
✅Family, friends, and community
Move home to Norwalk, Ohio.
We Make. We Build. We Thrive.

The video can also be found at, a landing page developed to provide interested viewers with more information about moving back to the area. The target audience is 18-25 year olds with an existing tie to the area. This audience will find the video and their way to the new landing page through an inbound marketing campaign. With support from New Day Creative of Mansfield, the same firm that produced the video, NEDC will utilize a “Google AdWords Grant”. Through this advertising program, the page and video will be promoted based on certain keywords and phrases through Google.

The video features young professionals from the area who have moved back or stayed in the area as they’ve furthered their careers including:

  • Lauren Hammersmith, Human Resources Communication Specialist, Fisher-Titus Health
  • Pat Spettel, CPA, Payne, Nickles & Company
  • Kyle Bundschuh, Senior Accountant, Payne, Nickles & Company
  • Taylor Alt, Teller, Key Bank
  • Bob Michael, Manufacturing Engineer

The video also features scenes from around Norwalk such as the Reservoir, Rec Center, North Coast Inland Trail, Market on Main, and downtown shops.

With this video, landing page, and further marketing campaign to follow over the next year, NEDC and partners aim to retain and attract talent, convince out-migrated youth to “move home”, build community pride around top performing industries, and highlight quality of place. The seed funding for this campaign came from the Huron County Community Foundation. NEDC is also relying on many community partners to share the video and overall message of We Make – We Build – We Thrive including the City of Norwalk, Firelands Forward, and the Huron County Chamber of Commerce & Norwalk Area Visitors Bureau.

Follow along on social media as NEDC and partners work to build community pride and retain and attract young people.  The ultimate vision is that 3 years from now, when a Norwalk or former Norwalk resident is in a new place, the conversation would go like this:

“Where are you from?”
“Norwalk, Ohio”
“Norwalk, Ohio? Never heard of it, what’s it like?”
“We Make – We Build – We Thrive”

About Norwalk Economic Development Corporation – Created in 2002 by a dedicated group of concerned private businesspeople and public officials, the Norwalk Economic Development Corporation’s mission is to identify and capitalize on opportunities to continuously improve the Norwalk area’s business base. To learn more about this local economic development organization, visit

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