OEDA’s Mission and Goals

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Member participation in OEDA’s leadership and governance is critical to the success of the organization and the advancement of OEDA’s mission and goals. We hope you will consider lending your time, talent, and knowledge to your professional association.  Opportunities for leadership and engagement include OEDA’s Board of Directors as well as standing and planning committees and advisory groups. 

Nominations are currently open for the 2024 Board of Directors.
Click HERE to submit a nomination form if you are interested in serving on the 2024 OEDA Board of Directors.
The deadline to apply is Tuesday, October 3, 2023.  Thank you!

The mission of the Ohio Economic Development Association is to advance the practice of economic development to foster economic growth, prosperity, and opportunity for all residents of the State of Ohio.

OEDA is a voluntary professional association for economic and community developers dedicated to advancing the profession, the practice of economic development, and the state economy through professional development, networking, advocacy, and collaboration with state, regional, and local economic development organizations.  OEDA’s goals include:

  1. Providing professional development and continuing education opportunities for all levels of practitioner;
  2. Providing a forum for the interchange and exchange of ideas, information, principles, and practices in the field of economic development in Ohio;
  3. Encouraging excellence and professionalism in the practice of economic development;
  4. Working collaboratively and in cooperation with federal, state, regional, and local organizations and allied professions as appropriate;
  5. Advocating, on a non-partisan basis, on issues of public policy including federal and state legislation and regulations that impact the practice of economic development and the ability of the state to maintain an attractive and competitive business climate;
  6. Ensuring member practitioners adhere to the highest levels of professional conduct, standards, and ethics.

OEDA’s volunteer leaders are critical to the success of the organization and we are excited you’d like to get involved!  Member participation in OEDA’s leadership, governance, standing committees, and event planning committees is the foundation of the association and the work done to advance OEDA’s mission and goals. 

CLICK HERE if you are interested in serving on the 2024 OEDA Board of Directors. 




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