Wilmington Air Park Certified Part 139 By FAA

Apr 25, 2018News, Newsletter

Beth Huber.
Clinton County Port Authority.

The Wilmington Air Park has once again earned its Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 139 Certification, affirming that the airport facilities, infrastructure, staffing, and operations protocols are on par with other large airports around the country.

Airport operating certificates serve to ensure safety in airport transportation. An airport, in order to secure this certification from the FAA, must implement and maintain a significant level of operational and safety standards and provide for such things as on-site firefighting and rescue equipment and personnel.

“This certification is important to maintain for both our current and future aviation tenants,” said Dan Evers, Executive Director of the Clinton County Port Authority. “It confirms a high level of readiness, best practices, and aviation infrastructure for airlines that would be considering operations at the Wilmington Air Park.”

The FAA visits each airport prior to renewing certification to review operations, navigational aids, infrastructure, airport records, safety practices and more. An FAA representative spent nearly three days at the Wilmington Air Park in mid-March.  At that time, the inspector shared some comments on what he observed.

“You have a great safety culture here,” said Curt Vainio, Airport Certification / Safety Inspector for the Great Lakes Region. “I didn’t see anything to cause any safety concerns.” He went on to remark, among other things, that the system in place for Movement Area Training (training completed by each employee with access to operate a vehicle on a taxiway or runway, or areas under the jurisdiction of the control tower) was working very well, and that the airport was doing an excellent job with respect to wildlife mitigation management and documentation.

“Our FAA Part 139 certification indicates that the Wilmington Air Park has passed the same rigorous review and standards as large commercial airports around the country,” said Evers.  “We are proud to receive continued affirmation of the level of service and professionalism maintained at the Wilmington Air Park. This is a testament to a dedicated team of professionals at LGSTX Services, Inc. who continue to keep the airport in a constant state of readiness, and to keep the records for these inspections, on behalf of the Clinton County Port Authority. It is a herculean task, and it touches virtually every corner of the airport. The commitment to maintain these standards also speaks to the vision and support of the CCPA Board of Directors.”

In a change from the last inspection cycle, the FAA issues a Compliance Letter at the close of the inspection. The letter notes the items that need to be addressed and suggested dates for that action to be complete.

“We have a short list of follow-up items, as a result of the inspection,” said Evers. “The early spring inspection will allow us to address some of those issues, together with the LGSTX team, as part of our planned summer maintenance cycle.”

The Wilmington Air Park is classified as a Part 139 Class IV, Index A airport. There are 80 Class IV airports in the country – with that determination being based on airport use, expected aircraft size, and traffic volume. Index A indicates the level of firefighting personnel and equipment on site.

About the Clinton County Port Authority

The Port Authority is a special purpose government, under Ohio law, formed by the Clinton County Commissioners in 2004 to lead economic development in Clinton County, Ohio. A primary function of the Clinton County Port Authority is the creation and retention of jobs in Wilmington and Clinton County. The Port Authority also owns and manages the Wilmington Air Park, a 1,900-acre facility with two parallel, commercial runways and nearly 3 million square feet of building space. The Port Authority works with regulatory agencies, development agencies and the community to bring economic growth to the county. Learn more at www.wilmingtonairpark.com.

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