Educator Boot Camp connects Fostoria teachers with local manufacturers

FOSTORIA, Ohio — A few area educators are ending their summer break with the Educators Boot Camp in, which aims to connect local educators with area manufacturers.

The pilot program, through Lt. Governor Jon Husted’s office, gives teachers a better understanding of what the manufacturers offer and what they need in future employees.

Montrose Group Launches Quality of Life Index to Measure Placemaking Success

The International Economic Development Council has defined placemaking as “the practice of enhancing a community’s assets to improve its overall attractiveness and livability.[i]” Often, placemaking is defined as large-scale projects like the creation of new or revitalized public spaces, alternative transportation infrastructure, pop-up retail, housing, or Downtown beautification projects. Bike trails, public beer gardens, parks, and other public spaces often mix uses and are attractive to residents and visitors alike. Successful Placemaking brings mass and density to a site but on a human scale that is walkable to ensure it is pedestrian-oriented, bikeable, and environmentally conscious. On the heels of the COVID 19 pandemic and U.S. population migration trends, the importance of Placemaking and quality of life factors to attracting talent is apparent.

Nursing at Miami University Regionals

The Nursing program at Miami University Regionals experienced a transformative year with the creation of the Nursing Innovation Hub on its Hamilton campus and the establishment of graduate degrees at the master’s and doctoral level.

Economic Development Specialist – The City of Shaker Heights, Ohio

Shaker Heights is a forward-thinking, welcoming community with tree-lined neighborhoods and vibrant commercial districts, all designed for gathering and connecting. Shaker residents and business owners are empowered to contribute to a longtime culture of community involvement. The City’s strong commitment to placemaking in and around commercial districts attracts quality commercial businesses and distinctive stores and restaurants that serve people of all backgrounds and experiences as well as local and regional markets.

Legislative Update August 2022 — General Assembly on recess

What just happened?  The latest episode of the Manchin Diaries, guest starring Krysten Sinema doesn’t disappoint.  On Tuesday, Aug. 16, President Biden signed into law this country’s largest-ever climate change action in response to the “the carbon dioxide problem,” as first described in 1969 by the Nixon Administration.