Antwerp Innovation and Aquaponics Center – Antwerp School – Antwerp, OH

Sep 22, 2022News, Newsletter

Article by Defiance Crescent Newspaper

The $1.5 million dollar facility was constructed in the current patio area of the Antwerp school building and provides an advanced, state-of-the-art, multi-purpose learning space for students. The high-tech facility will be the most advanced learning space in any public school in this part of the state. According to a statement by Antwerp Local Schools Superintendent Martin Miller, “The Antwerp Board of Education, administration and staff are committed to being responsive to the changing landscape of education and finding ways to most appropriately prepare our students. Teaching and learning has changed significantly in recent years. The need for memorization of facts, figures, and details, while very important, is secondary to the need for deep understanding, connection of ideas, problem-solving, and the ability to apply and transfer ideas to other areas. Learning expectations now involve higher levels of thinking, research, problem-solving, real-world application of learning and critical thinking.”

The Center will have four main features:

Discovery Lab — A space for elementary age students to interact with a variety of maker space tools, materials, and supplies and interact in creative and collaborative group projects, challenges, and problem-solving opportunities.

Fab Lab — A space for middle- and high school-age students to interact with robotics, 3D printers, virtual reality equipment, Zpace 3D models, laser printers, and business operation features such as product design, logos, computer art design and advertising.

Media Lab — A space for students to develop or enhance skills associated with video/sound/photograph production and for staff, the opportunity to strengthen award-winning journalism and broadcasting programs.

Aquaponics Lab — A space for students to learn and experiment with food production systems in a controlled environment utilizing the integration of two agricultural concepts…. aquaculture and hydroponics. The lab is the perfect teaching tool for core STEM subjects such as math, biology, chemistry, and engineering and areas of study including economics, marketing, and nutrition. Students have the opportunity to study fish, plants, and bacteria interacting in a living ecosystem. They also have the opportunity to perform water quality tests and measure growth rates in fish and plants and, additionally, produce food items for consumption.




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