Bird Scooters in Dublin

May 4, 2022 | News, Newsletter

Andrew Kohn
City of Dublin


The City of Dublin is implementing a Micro-Mobility Demonstration Pilot introducing electric-powered Bird scooters to the City. Phase 1 will make scooters available south from Interstate 270 to Tuttle Crossing Boulevard and west from Sawmill Road to Interstate 270. This area includes both Historic Dublin and Bridge Park.

Resolution 18-22 was adopted at the April 11, 2022, Dublin City Council meeting. This resolution temporarily permits the operation of low-speed micro-mobility devices on streets, sidewalks and shared-use paths for a duration of 12 months, beginning May 1, 2022. This code change applies to Bird and personal motorized scooters.

In Bridge Park, scooter parking has been identified at existing pocket parks lining Longshore Street. A total of five pocket parks line Longshore Street, with three linking to Riverside Drive to the west and two linking to Mooney Street to the east. Scooters can also be parked at existing bike racks. There will be a NO RIDE ZONE on Longshore Street, spanning from John Shields Parkway to Banker Drive, where scooters will not work. In no ride zones, scooters will gently slow down to alert the user. This information will also be available in the app.

In Historic Dublin, the City will implement a ‘mobility boulevard’ and create designated corridors for micro-mobility traffic that parallel streets with narrow sidewalks. The designated boulevard will be Mill Lane and Darby Street, extending from North Street to John Wright Lane. Designated parking spaces in this area are identified by the app and will be highlighted with glow-in-the-dark pavers. Scooters will be allowed throughout the area, including the Dublin Link bridge.

To ride a Bird scooter, you must first download the Bird app. You must be 18 years old to ride, and you will be required to verify your age. Riders can learn important safety tips by accessing the Beginner’s Guide. If residents find a scooter blocking the public right of way, they can report the incident through the Bird app, by email or phone.

Learn more about Bird in Dublin.

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