Workforce Outreach Coordinator (20-30 hrs per week)

May 9, 2023 | Jobs


Workforce Outreach Coordinator

Director of Workforce Development

This position will work with the Director of Workforce Development to coordinate the activities and initiatives of the Area 10 Workforce Development Board.


  1. Creating yearly schedule of meetings and distribute to members
  2. Create and distribute the meeting agenda and coordinate relative metrics and reporting from contracted partners
  3. Collect data and activity reports from contracted agencies for the purpose of board updates and oversight
  4. Develop and maintain contact lists for program, resource, and marketing partners
  5. Record and Organize Workforce Board Meeting Minutes
  6. Distribute communication to partners concerning programming updates and initiatives
  7. Assist the Workforce Director in yearly program audits
  8. Assist Director of Workforce Development with other workforce development projects as requested.


  1. Attend Chamber functions as requested.
  2. Attend meetings, seminars, and training sessions as directed.
  3. Keep the Director of Workforce Development informed on changes or issues with Community Opportunity registration.
  4. Performs additional duties as instructed and assigned by the Director of Workforce Development.

We expect the applicant to meet the following qualifications

  1. Computer proficiency in Windows, Microsoft Office products, database, QuickBooks, internet & email.
  2. Excellent organizational skills and detail oriented.
  3. Exceptional customer service skills.
  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  5. A self-starter able to work with little supervision and oversight.

Educational/Experience Requirements:

  1. Associates or Bachelors degree in appropriate field OR equivalent workplace experience.
  2. Three years in an office environment.
  3. Valid Ohio Driver’s License.

TO APPLY, email .



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